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Choose the cell you want – place it where you want.

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FluidFM ELECT is the ideal instrument for isolating living single cells (or other micro-objects) from adherent or suspension cultures. Cells can be individually targeted and relocated without impact on their viability.

Access new avenues in single cell research, from downstream single-cell analysis and omics, through genotyping, to drug development.

The “bottom-up” approach provided by FluidFM technology ensures that each targeted single cell can be chosen within its context. The identification of the cells of interest can be based on its morphological features or using fluorescent markers.

With a throughput of up to 50 cells per hour, the FluidFM ELECT can serve many purposes:

  • Selection and relocation of single cells as preparation step for downstream single cell analysis

  • Selection of cells and relocation in user-defined patterns

  • Sorting or grouping of cells (e.g. Circulating Tumor Cells), both from adherent cultures or from a cell suspension


Precisely select single cells based on their phenotype. Relocate them maintaining high cell viability (>95%).
A droplet of the medium is always maintained around the picked-up cell, protecting it during the transfer to another well. 

From standard multi-well cell culture plates to glass-bottom dishes (e.g. Ibidi®), a wide range of samples is readily supported. Even custom plates are programmable in our software.

Perform experiments within cell culture context, without perturbing it.

The ideal instrument to support the new generation of single cell transcriptomics, metabolomics and genomics.

Let the sensitive force-feedback control the tedious immobilization and release process of cells, in a fully automated fashion and ensuring no damage to the transferred cells. Benefit from simple preparation and data management combined with our user-friendly and intuitive software. Simply point with the mouse and click on the cell or object of interest and then select a release location. 

The system comes with integrated fluorescence microscopy including three of the most frequently used filter sets, all motorized and controlled from our software. The motorized fluorescence mirror turret can host up to 8 mirror units, for live cell staining without compromises.


  • Fluorescence light source: 130 W Hg light guide illumination

  • Motorized turret with 8 positions, built-in shutter, simple waterproof structurer; Single-band fluorescence cubes:
    (EF: Exciter filter, BS: Beam splitter, BF: Barrier filter)

    • Red: EF: 527 - 552 nm, BS: 565 nm, BF: 577 - 632 nm

    • Green: EF: 465 - 495 nm, BS: 505 nm, BF: 515 - 555 nm

    • Blue: EF: 360-370 nm, BS: 410 nm, BF: 420-460 nm

  • Fluorescence illuminator: Straight design with field iris diaphragm

pEGFP-UHRF1 and pmCherry-TRIM21 (2 plasmids) coinjected into CHO-K1 cells

Our software records the XY-coordinates of the selected cells and allows the direct long-term observation of the relocated cells with the desired settings (fluorescence filter, exposure time etc…). Observe any point of interest and follow how events unfold with multi-channel time-lapses, directly integrated in the software.

An antifouling monolayer and a coating procedure ensure longevity of the FluidFM micropipette, best cell viability and prevent accidental adherence of unwanted cells.

The ELECT system includes is a custom-designed, fully enclosing incubator with temperature control and a HEPA-Filter system. 


  • Black polycarbonate casing for optimal fluorescence imaging

  • Integrated high precision temperature control system

  • Integrated airflow control system

  • Long-lasting, high Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter

  • 2 x 10W UV decontamination lamps with automatic life cycle monitoring & time control

  • 4 x white LED light source

  • Tailor-made doors for easy access to main CRISPR system and microscope areas

  • Pre-fitted sealings on the doors, ready for a CO2 upgrade

  • Power consumption 620 W

Extra feature: CO2 controlled environment
When a CO2-independent medium is not a viable option, control of the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is crucial. Then, it is advisable to equip the incubator with CO2-control capabilities.


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

1. Assisted local trypsinization

Select the cell or cells to be trypsinized. Shower them with highly concentrated trypsin, previously loaded into the FluidFM micropipette, and then detach them prior to displacing.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

2. Point-and-click

Select the targeted and detached cell by simple point and click on the screen.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

3. Easy walkthrough procedures

  • Follow the in-software suggested instructions

  • Apply our recommended procedures to maximize the outcome of the experiment

  • Easily tailor isolation parameters to your cells by changing few parameters (pressure, approach speed)

  • Easily select in which well the isolated cell should be placed

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

4. Follow up your experiment

Instruct the system to take the required images with predefined settings in few clicks. See all relevant data grouped by the coordinates of each cell.

FluidFM probe

CONSUMABLE - FluidFM micropipette

With its flat circular aperture available with diameters of 2, 4 and 8 micrometers, the FluidFM micropipette is the ideal choice to pick and place objects of different sizes. For bacteria and sub-micron particles, the FluidFM nanopipette with its 300 nanometer aperture can be used.

  • Compatible with various cell lines and micrometer-sized objects

  • Easy handling – automatic consumable exchange and washing features

  • Gain ultimate insights – know the real shape of each micropipette in use by inspecting the SEM picture downloadable with the QR-Code printed on the blister pack.

  • Specifications FluidFM micropipette:

    • Aperture diameter: Available in 2, 4 and 8 µm

    • Tip & aperture shape: Circular, flat

    • Available spring constants: 0.3, 1, 2 N/m

    • Probe dimensions: Length 200 µm, Width 36 µm, Height 1 - 2.5 µm

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
FluidFM micropipette with a 4 µm aperture
Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
The specifications and real shape of the FluidFM micropipette can be known by scanning the QR-code on the package

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