Best Poster Award - Kavli Prize Symposium
FluidFM 3D Printing technology
12 October, 2017by
Best Poster Award - Kavli Prize Symposium
Claudia Frey

The Kavli Prize is a highly nominated science award for three different disciplines- the greatest dimensions (astrophysics), the smallest dimensions (nanoscience) and the most complex systems (neuroscience). The Kavli Prize symposium is dedicated to celebrate laureates in these three disciplines. This year, in Nanoscience Gerd Binnig, Christoph Gerber, and Calvin Quate have been chosen to be celebrated for their invention of the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). The symposium took place at the Swiss Re building in Rüschlikon, a very nice facility with the perfect atmosphere to celebrate such an important science achievement. The building, nicely embedded in a park next to the nature and close to the IBM research facilities, was filled with top researchers, scientists, politicians, and a selection of students with science background – all to celebrate the invention of the AFM and the achievement of the laureates.

Kavli Prize

The presenter of the evening, Olivier Dessibourg who is a Journalist and President of the Swiss Association of Science Journalism, lead through the evening  with wit and charm. Various politicians, like Bjørn Haugstad, the Norwegian State Secretary of Education and Research, Mauro Dell'Ambrogio, the Swiss State Secretary for Education, Research & Innovation, as well as scientists like Alessandro Curioni, Vice president of IBM Europe and Director of IBM Research Lab – Zuerich, held speeches about the value of science to the society, the importance of high tech innovation, the current technology development of Cognitive Computing, and the Quantum Computer at IBM. Of course, these fascinating topics and the lively speeches about science made it easy to get fascinated – the audience was spellbound over the entire Nanoscience Symposium.

During the break, students, PhD’s, and young companies working in the field of AFM’s got the possibility to present their poster and to present their achievements - so did we. With our poster "Direct metal 3D printing with submicron resolution." we showed our findings on micro metal object printing with the FluidFM technology. The FluidFM printing technology is based on a hollow AFM cantilever, the handling of microfluidics, precise positioning machinery, and the control of a electrochemical deposition process. By merging this characteristics into one system, the FluidFM µ3Dprinter opens up completely new possibilities in micro 3D object manufacturing.

Poster session at Kavli Symposium 2017

The subsequent panel discussion with Gerd Binnig and Christoph Gerber, two of this years Kavli Prize winners in Nanoscience and AFM inventors, gave the opportunity to ask questions and interact directly with them. During the second part of the Nanoscience Symposium, the entire audience had the opportunity to vote for the "Best Poster Award”.

Panel discussion at Kavli Symposium 2017

Close to the End of the Symposium, the winner of the "Best Poster Award” was announced: "Cytosurge with its poster Direct metal 3D printing with submicron resolution." Proudly we went to the stage to receive the award, a certificate, and a framed copy of the first AFM publication signed by Kavli Prize winners Gerd Binning, who also won the Nobel Prize, and Christoph Gerber. Happily, we took the award on behalf of the entire team – we will display the hand signed publication in our office. It is a real honor to display this hand signed starting point of the AFM success story in our office as the AFM is the base of our FluidFM technology – the fundament of our company.

Best Poster Award at Kavli Symposium 2017
First AFM publication signed by Kavli Prize winners Gerd Binning and Christoph Gerber

The Symposium did end with an aperitif and interesting discussions with scientists from various fields – for some of them we might open up a new door with our exciting technology.