The Beginning of a New Journey
New strategy with three customer focused business units
26 September, 2017by
The Beginning of a New Journey
Claudia Frey

Since 2009, we have successfully developed and distributed scientific measuring instruments and robotic systems based on our unique and patented FluidFM® technology.

During the past eight years, we have undergone some major changes and have made a lot of progress in the development of FluidFM products and applications. These developments include among others FluidFM micro µ3D metal printing, FluidFM Single Cell Injection, and FluidFM ADD-ON for AFMs. With the progress we have made, and the developing needs of our customers, we now see the need for an optimized strategy.

As a result, Cytosurge is focusing its activities into three distinct business units: AFM SOLUTIONS, CELL + BIOSCIENCE, and 3D PRINTING.

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FluidFM AFM Solutions

Dedicated to the AFM community.

Due to the high complexity of AFM technology and the specificity of user needs, we feel it necessary to create the AFM SOLUTIONS business unit specifically for AFM users. With this step, the AFM community receives increased focus. 

To provide FluidFM ADD-ON solutions and services as an innovative upgrade for Atomic Force Microscopes, we have established a FluidFM AFM Partnership Program in order to develop and distribute specific FluidFM ADD-ONs for the most popular AFM systems in the market. 

This Partnership Program is designed to create a true win-win-win situation; for our customer, the associated AFM manufacturers, and Cytosurge.

Within the FluidFM AFM Partnership Program, Cytosurge will step-by-step conclude partnerships with major AFM manufacturers around the globe. Soon, we will be announcing who our first partner is and we will be informing you about new partners joining the program in the near future.

The versatile FluidFM ADD-ON product family gives researchers the possibility to perform innovative FluidFM applications on specific AFMs. This enables research at the nanoscale to become faster, more powerful, and more efficient. The FluidFM ADD-ON extends the application scope of classical AFM technology way beyond imaging and force spectroscopy. Applications include, among others, single cell adhesion, bacterial adhesion, nanolithography, spotting, and colloidal spectroscopy.

FluidFM CELL + Bioscience

Focused on pharma and biolabs.

Cell and bioscience research in pharma industry and universities is all about new and reliable data. However, researchers in these areas should not have to deal with the peculiarities of AFM technology. At the same time, they need high precision tools to conduct their experiments. For this reason, we have focused one business unit solely on the needs of these markets to satisfy these customers' requirements: Ease of use, extended automation, and repositioning precision at the nanometer scale. Our business unit CELL + BIOSCIENCE provides bespoke solutions to address these needs: The integrated FluidFM BOT platform, customized services, and access to our new BSL-2 cell lab facilities.

With its exceptional XY long-range sample positioning system, maximum reproducibility, and convenience, the FluidFM BOT sets many new standards. In conjunction with the unique FluidFM nanosyringe or with FluidFM nanopipettes, it allows researchers to greatly increase their productivity while at the same time minimizing errors and ensuring high data quality.

The FluidFM BOT allows researchers to perform repeated single cell manipulation and preparation for analysis. It aims towards key single cell FluidFM applications such as Injection, Extraction and Isolation. The FluidFM BOT is an easy to use standalone system that enables researchers in the field of life sciences to access the FluidFM toolbox to tackle their single cell research questions. The FluidFM BOT system with its suite of FluidFM probes, incubators, and many other specific accessories and support services is distributed by us and by carefully selected distributors throughout the world.

FluidFM BOT system

FluidFM 3D Printing

Committed to bring metal micro 3D printing to labs and industry.

With the third business unit 3D PRINTING, we recently entered a completely new market in order to satisfy developing needs in the area of metal micro 3D printing. 

Our award-winning FluidFM µ3D printing technology enables to print sub- and micrometer sized 3D metal objects – probably the smallest directly printed metal structures ever. This is made possible because FluidFM technology allows to dispense liquids within the 3D space with extremely high accuracy.

To print metal with FluidFM, an electro-plating solution can be dispensed whilst applying a defined positive pressure. In combination with an electrical potential, it is possible to electroplate solid metal 3D micro-structures of various shapes and designs. The resulting objects can be even smaller than a micron wide. The process works at room temperature and can print up to 90-degree overhangs without the need for any supporting structure.

To enable research to get access to this exciting new technology, we are offering the FluidFM µ3D PRINTER. This unique research grade system is distributed by Cytosurge and local partners throughout the world with the aim to provide scientists a possibility to enter a new dimension within manufacturing and miniaturization.

A team of dedicated business developers is ready to talk to interested companies about their needs and ideas in the area of micro metal 3D printing. We can thereby offer customer centric project execution and customized services to validate potential applications in close collaboration with the customer. Thanks to our newly built 3D printing lab we can fulfill these services in an agile and efficient way, and to the full satisfaction of our clients.

3D printed Helix


We welcome you to be part of our exciting new journey.

The concentration of our core activities into the three specific and well-defined customer-focused business units, AFM SOLUTIONS, CELL + BIOSCIENCE, and 3DPRINTING, paired with continuous innovation, development, and highest standards of quality, sets the foundations for continuing future growth and sustained success for our FluidFM technology.

We all at Cytosurge deeply believe that our dedication to the AFM community, focus on Pharma and Biolabs, and our commitment to bring metal micro 3D printing to Labs and Industry will build added value for our customers, our partners, our suppliers, and us.

We welcome you to be part of our new exciting journey - GO BEYOND with FluidFM!