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FluidFM: A new approach to CRISPR gene editing

Paul Monnier
April 2020 — 970 views CRISPRgene editinggene engineeringnuclear delivery


Pascal Behr
December 2019 — 840 views

How the FluidFM ADD-ON brings even more "Bio" into BioAFMs

Claudia Frey
September 2019 — 15144 views

The Beginning of a New Journey

Best Poster Award - Kavli Prize Symposium

Claudia Frey
October 2017 — 3745 views awardmetal printing


Tobias Weber
May 2017 — 2699 views awardmetal printing

Culture @Cytosurge

Tobias Weber
March 2017 — 2779 views Culture at CytosurgeFluidFM people

FluidFM Webshop

Tobias Weber
January 2017 — 2399 views FluidFM add-on for AFMspotting

Merry Christmas 2016

Tobias Weber
December 2016 — 2510 views FluidFM peopleHolidays


Tobias Weber
November 2016 — 2147 views FluidFM add-on for AFM

FluidFM Single Cell Extraction

Pablo Doerig
July 2016 — 1 comment — 7310 views single cell injection

FluidFM People: Leena Jaatinen

Pablo Doerig
April 2016 — 3983 views FluidFM peoplecell adhesionmammalian cells

FluidFM People: Jos Quist

Pablo Doerig
February 2016 — 4050 views FluidFM peoplecell adhesionsingle cell injectionspotting

FluidFM micro 3D metal printing

Pablo Doerig
January 2016 — 17005 views metal printingnanolithography

Single Cell Sorting with FluidFM

Pablo Doerig
January 2016 — 3461 views cell sortingmammalian cellsspotting

Happy New Year with FluidFM

January 2016 — 2934 views electrograftinglithographynanolithography

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We offer state-of-the-art life sciences, biophysics and mechanobiology solutions for single cell research and atomic force microscopy based on our patented FluidFM technology.

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