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Tobias Weber
May 2017 — 497 views 3D printing award metal printing

Culture @Cytosurge

Tobias Weber
March 2017 — 682 views Culture at Cytosurge FluidFM people

Fluidfm Webshop

Tobias Weber
January 2017 — 732 views FluidFM add-on for AFM Webshop spotting

Merry Christmas 2016

Tobias Weber
December 2016 — 893 views FluidFM people Holidays

FluidFM add-on

Tobias Weber
November 2016 — 533 views FluidFM add-on for AFM


Pablo Doerig
July 2016 — 2474 views single cell injection

FluidFM people: Leena Jaatinen

Pablo Doerig
April 2016 — 1698 views FluidFM people cell adhesion mammalian cells

FluidFM People: Jos Quist

Pablo Doerig
February 2016 — 2244 views FluidFM people cell adhesion single cell injection spotting

FluidFM micro 3D metal printing

Pablo Doerig
January 2016 — 6743 views 3D printing electrodeposition metal printing nanolithography

Single cell sorting with FluidFM

Pablo Doerig
January 2016 — 1535 views cell sorting mammalian cells single cell isolation spotting

Happy New Year with FluidFM

Cytosurge Administration
January 2016 — 1359 views electrodeposition electrografting lithography nanolithography

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