Cell-Bio Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Cell-Bio Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
26F.-7, No.97, Sec. 1
Xintai 5th Rd.
Taipei City 115


Cell-Bio Biotechnology has been established in 2003 and is dedicated to instruments and reagents for the research of cell biology, cancer biology, immunology, metabolism and neurodegeneration, as well as the cell therapy field. Cell-Bio started in the business of flow cytometers and gradually broadened its scope by introducing other novel technologies from all over the world to local experts in Taiwan.


Cell-Bio Biotechnology is dedicated to providing a total solution to cell research for all scientists in Taiwan, from cells to tissues. With “3P” (Passion, Patience and Professionalism), Cell-Bio proudly serves their customers in Taiwan with new technologies, such as the FluidFM BOT. Cell-Bio also provides technical trainings and contract services – a full solution to all scholars and industries in the field of cell research.

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