Lab Automation Network

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lab automation network


Founded in 2008, Lab Automation Network is an alliance of carefully selected companies, who are true technology leaders in their business domain. Together with its partners, Lab Automation Network goes beyond the limits of "one-size-fits-all" products and creates high-performance, integrated, high-quality laboratory automation solutions, tailored to specific needs of its customers.

laboratory automation solutionS.

In a conjunction with both upstream and downstream partners, the FluidFM BOT can be part of a state-of the-art, fully automated, pharmaceutical drug and cell line development solution. Lab Automation Network's experience and excellent presence in this specific and high technology market for laboratory automation solutions should bring symbiotic win-win solutions for demanding customers in a fast-moving environment, in particular that of pharmaceutical drug development. 

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Please go to Lab Automation Network's website or contact Lan Automation Network directly.