Novel applications of FluidFM OMNIUM in combination with high resolution label-free biosensors

Proposed by Kinga Dóra Kovács

The present talk shortly introduces the main research activity of the Nanobiosensorics Laboratory (Budapest, Hungary, especially in relation to fluidic force microscopy. We mainly focus on label-free techniques for cell biological and biophysical research and on developing kinetic biophysical models (Kanyo et al., 2020; Saftics et al., 2021). Recently by employing resonant waveguide gratings, we could demonstrate single-cell resolution and measure the adhesion kinetics of various cells (Sztilkovics et al., 2020). The FluidFM OMNIUM perfectly fits into these research lines. With the help of the instrument we are focusing on 3 main research directions: i patterning cell adhesive motives (Saftics et al., 2019),  ii nanoinjection of plasmids, vesicles and nanoparticles (Peter et al., 2018), iii high-throughput single-cell adhesion measurements and force calibration of label-free optical signals (Sztilkovics et al., 2020).

  • Kanyo, N., Kovacs, K. D., Saftics, A., Szekacs, I., Peter, B., Santa-Maria, A. R., Walter, F. R., Dér, A., Deli, M. A., & Horvath, R. (2020). Glycocalyx regulates the strength and kinetics of cancer cell adhesion revealed by biophysical models based on high resolution label-free optical data. Scientific Reports.

  • Peter, B., Lagzi, I., Teraji, S., Nakanishi, H., Cervenak, L., Zámbó, D., Deák, A., Molnár, K., Truszka, M., Szekacs, I., & Horvath, R. (2018). Interaction of Positively Charged Gold Nanoparticles with Cancer Cells Monitored by an in Situ Label-Free Optical Biosensor and Transmission Electron Microscopy. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

  • Saftics, A., Kurunczi, S., Peter, B., Szekacs, I., Ramsden, J. J., & Horvath, R. (2021). Data evaluation for surface-sensitive label-free methods to obtain real-time kinetic and structural information of thin films: A practical review with related software packages. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 294, 102431.

  • Saftics, A., Türk, B., Sulyok, A., Nagy, N., Gerecsei, T., Szekacs, I., Kurunczi, S., & Horvath, R. (2019). Biomimetic Dextran-Based Hydrogel Layers for Cell Micropatterning over Large Areas Using the FluidFM BOT Technology. Langmuir.

  • Sztilkovics, M., Gerecsei, T., Peter, B., Saftics, A., Kurunczi, S., Szekacs, I., Szabo, B., & Horvath, R. (2020). Single-cell adhesion force kinetics of cell populations from combined label-free optical biosensor and robotic fluidic force microscopy. Scientific Reports.

About The Speaker

Centre for Energy Research, Nanobiosensorics Laboratory, Kinga Dóra Kovács

Kinga Dóra Kovács

PhD student, ELKH EK MFA Nanobiosensorics Lab, Budapest, Hungary

Practical Info

Dec 01, 2021 10:05 AM (Europe/Zurich)
20 minutes