Digital FluidFM User Conference 2020

September 16, 09:30 – 12:00 (GMT/UTC +2)

New date & format!

Unfortunately, our event is also affected by the corona virus and therefore can’t take place at the scheduled date, June 25 – 26, 2020. The physical event will be postponed until 2021. For this year, we have decided to organize a digital FluidFM User Conference so that you still have the chance to exchange and discuss FluidFM related research results and procedures to learn, network and GO BEYOND.

Image from the first FluidFM User Conference 2019

Network & learn to GO BEYOND.

Following the great success of last year’s event, we are organising the FluidFM User Conference in 2020 again, except that this year it will be in a digital format due to the corona virus. The FluidFM User Conference gives current and future FluidFM users, from around the world and across all FluidFM platforms, the opportunity to exchange and discuss FluidFM related research results and procedures, learn, network and GO BEYOND.

Organizer: Cytosurge AG, Pablo Dörig
Co-Organizer: ETH Zurich, Tomaso Zambelli, FluidFM Co-Inventor

Impressions from the first FluidFM User Conference 2019

Submit your presentation proposal now.

 Deadline: June 30, 2020 


FluidFM Community

This event will host all established FluidFM groups across the globe. Our aim is to strengthen the community, allow you to network and thus accelerate your research with FluidFM.

FluidFM AFM Series, FluidFM BOT BIO Series

We will host a FluidFM User Conference across all available FluidFM platforms. Showcase your applications, results and experiences. Gain insights from other fields, profit from common solutions and approaches. 

Biophysics, Lifesciences, Nano-printing & more

The conference will cover all key FluidFM applications but also gives room to showcase new developments.

Scientific Talks

Speakers from research and industry will talk about FluidFM, its applications and trending topics.  


FluidFM-related talks

Very limited spaces available as the event will only be  2.5 hours. Submit your proposal now.
(In case we get many proposals, we will consider further digital events.)

Standard talks:
15min + 5min questions
Flash talks:
8min + 2min questions

Network possibilities

On request, we will organize 1:1 meetings during which you can digitally meet and exchange with other attendees of your choice.

Abstracts platform

As the space for talks is very limited, all attendees will have the possibility to present their FluidFM-related research on a specific conference-webpage only accessible by attendees.

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