Event Introduction

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Network & learn to GO BEYOND.

The FluidFM User Conference gives current and future FluidFM users from around the world and across all platforms and hardware families the opportunity to network and learn more about FluidFM. 

Co-Organizer of the event: Tomaso Zambelli, ETH Zurich, FluidFM Co-Inventor.

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FluidFM Community

This event will host all established FluidFM groups across the globe. Our aim is to strengthen the community, allow you to network and thus accelerate your research with FluidFM. Meet, connect and share with your peers.

FluidFM ADD-ON, FluidFM BOT, FluidFM µ3Dprinter

For the first time, we will host a FluidFM user conference across all available FluidFM platforms. Showcase your applications, results and experiences. Gain insights from other fields, profit from common solutions and approaches.

Biophysics, Nanolithography, Injection & more

The conference will cover all key FluidFM applications but also gives room to showcase new developments.

Scientific Talks

Speakers from research and industry will talk about FluidFM, its applications and trending topics. 

Cytosurge Facilities & Social Tour

On Friday afternoon, you will have the chance to either visit our facilities and labs and get a peek into newest developments or to discover Zurich with us and your peers. 

Network & Dine

To give you ample time to connect amongst each other, the conference fee includes coffee breaks, lunches and a dinner event at eCHo, a restaurant with excellent food in a beautiful location in Zurich. 

CONFERENCE APERO & DINNER AT eCHo, Thursday, January 31, 6:30pm.

The eCHo restaurant fully commits to the tradition of the Swiss cuisine. The delicious dishes, made from fresh and local products, are presented with flair and creativity. Welcome to an authentic Swiss experience!

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