New FluidFM developments at Nanosurf

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Almost from the start of FluidFM, Nanosurf has been collaborating with Cytosurge to provide an AFM based platform for FluidFM. Together, protocols and solutions for a wide range of FluidFM applications have been developed with valuable input from our customers. In this presentation a few new developments at Nanosurf will be presented. The focus will be on an integrated digital microscope that Nanosurf developed for the CoreAFM. This is a research grade AFM in the middle price segment. To enhance biological applications and empower FluidFM on the CoreAFM platform we developed a digital inverted microscope option (DIMO) that can be integrated inside the CoreAFM. The integration is not restricted to hardware: Basic microscope movements like focusing and cantilever centering are integrated in the AFM software. To enhance flexibility, the DIMO uses commercial objectives from Nikon and can also comprise fluorescence filter blocks for basic fluorescence applications. Some first FluidFM results will be presented, like elasticity mapping or FluidFM spotting.

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Feb 01, 2019 01:00 PM (Europe/Zurich)
20 minutes
HIT E 51