Nanosurf User Meeting 2018

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Take the opportunity to discuss and learn more about Nanosurf applications and techniques using AFM and FluidFM.

Join Nanosurf AFM users and take the opportunity to discuss applications, techniques, and breakthroughs with peers from research, industry, and life science. The program includes several talks covering FluidFM applications (see below).


The program includes presentations by:

  • Daniel Müller: Atomic force microscopy-based mechanobiology.

  • David Martinez: The power and need for cell growth regulation at the single cell level.

  • Orane Guillaume-Gentil: FluidFM for Molecular Investigations of Single Cells.

  • Tomaso Zambelli: Developments in FluidFM based SICM.

  • Thilo Glatzel: The influence of water on the work function of nanoscale diamonds.

  • Nicolas Helfricht: FluidFM: A novel tool for manipulation and characterization of soft materials.

  • Katharine Doll: Measuring bacterial adhesion forces on implant materials.

  • Oguzhan Gürlü: Looking beyond the surface with Nanosurf scanning probe microscopes.

  • Ricardo Gouveia: Advances in corneal tissue engineering – matrices matter.

  • Franz Giessibl: The qPlus sensor, a powerful core for the atomic force microscope.

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 For more information on the event, please go to the website of the Nanosurf User Meeting 2018.

Date & Time

November 5, 2018

9:00 AM5:00 PMEurope/Zurich

Kollegienhaus, University of Basel

Petersplatz 1
4051 Basel
--Kollegienhaus, University of Basel--
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