NextGen Omics US

In-Person Conference

The NextGen Omics US brings together leading omics experts from around the world.

Delegates can expect to benefit from discussions in the future of Next Generation Sequencing, Multi-omic Single Cell Analysis and Genome editing in Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Development.

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Wednesday, March 30, 09:20 - 09:50 am (EDT)

CRISPR cell line development revolutionized:
Combining the power of CRISPR with FluidFM® to provide engineered cell lines as a service

Sensitive cells? Complex edits? High quality needed? We create the cell line for you.

Cytosurge provides you guaranteed monoclonal cell lines with high quality – even for hard-to-transfect and rare cells, complex edits like knock-in with large repair templates, or multiple knock-outs. 

During the presentation of Dr. Tobias Beyer, our Chief Scientific Officer, you will learn more about our service enabled by our proprietary FluidFM® technology:

  • What is FluidFM and how can it be applied to cell line engineering

  • True single cell genome engineering: the power of the bottom-up approach

  • High quality monoclonal cell lines by reducing off-target editing and avoiding the tedious selection process

  • Customized design and consulting by our experts

  • Recent customer projects

Dr. Tobias Beyer, Chief Scientific Officer at Cytosurge

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Date & Time

March 29, 2022

Start - 2:20 AMWednesday

March 30, 2022

End - 9:45 AMUS/Eastern

Hyatt Regency Boston

One Avenue de Lafayette
Boston MA 02111
United States
--Hyatt Regency Boston--
+1 617 912 1234
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