Olympus Discovery Summit

FluidFM: A New World of Possibilities for Research in Mechanobiology, CRISPR Gene Editing, Neurobiology, and Virology

Olympus Discovery Summit, April 27 - 29, 2021     

During our presentation on April 27, we will show how Fluidic force microscopy (FluidFM) technology has widened the horizon of what is possible in several fields, such as neurosciences, virology, biophysics and mechanobiology. At the heart of FluidFM technology are patented hollow, force-controlled probes with apertures down to 300 nm enabling the handling of femtoliter volumes and the gentle manipulation of single cells. With these unique features, FluidFM enables novel approaches to solve problems faced by life science researchers, including:

  • CRISPR gene editing: intra-nuclear delivery, multiplex editing, delivery of large repair templates, pick and place of single edited cells etc.

  • Cellular neurobiology: transfection of neurons, neuronal cell patterning etc.

  • Virology: infection mechanisms, virus cooperativity etc.

  • Mechanobiology: cell adhesion force measurements, cell-cell interaction studies etc.

  • Nanoprinting: printing in liquid and air, and with sub-micrometer resolution

FluidFM – Go beyond current technological boundaries.

Presented by Dr. Paul Monnier, Field Application Scientist, Cytosurge AG

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Date & Time

April 27, 2021

3:00 PM4:00 PMEurope/Zurich

Olympus America Inc.

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