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Join the world's largest Semiconductor Industry Platform

SEMICON China is the world’s largest Semiconductor Industry Platform, where Market, Technology, and Investment Opportunities come together. The main focus of SEMICON China is the further development of the China semiconductor and related emerging industries. High level executives from the industry, science and government will present their view and showcase their latest products and technology in the premier stage.

Our partner Germantech Co. will talk about our FluidFM µ3Dprinter which is the world's first 3D printer capable of delivering submicron resolution in direct metal printing. - Pinpoint additive manufacturing provides the possibility to print complex metallic 3D µ-structures on existing objects and surfaces. FluidFM is the technology allowing varied materials to be combined within one object. It can be used to print micron-wide solid metal structures directly into or onto individual objects as well as for the repairing of tiny structures or electrically linking minute objects. This pinpoint accurate, easy-to-use electro-chemical deposition based additive manufacturing technique is used by the FluidFM µ3Dprinter. It allows various pure metals such as copper, silver, gold or platinum to be printed in a single one-step process.

MEET our partner AT semicon china

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On-site: Songkun LI, Project Manager at our partner Germantech Co., Ltd

Date & Time

March 14, 2018

Start - 3:00 AMFriday

March 16, 2018

End - 10:00 AMCST6CDT

Shanghai New International Expo Center

Century Park
Pudong 201203
+86 21 28906888 / 28906666
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