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Visit us at STIL to learn more about FluidFM and its applications.

The purpose of STIL is to give an interesting and playful way for the visitors to discover the technologies of the different laboratories and enterprises. STIL is a space for dialogue and exchanges around innovation and technology, and also entrepreneurship. - Discover the technological tendencies of the coming years.

At STIL we will present our FluidFM technology and the multiple applications FluidFM enables, from injection into single cells and bacterial adhesion to metal micro 3D printing. FluidFM - GO BEYOND.

MEET us at our booth

Meet Dr. Paul Monnier, Life Science Application Scientist, and Edgar Hepp, Business Development 3D Printing, and get informed about FluidFM and its multiple applications.

If you wish to have a scheduled meeting during the event, kindly send an e-mail to:
Dr. Paul Monnier, Life Science Application Scientist or
Edgar Hepp, Business Development 3D Printing

 For more information on the exhibition, go to the website of STIL.  

Date & Time

March 1, 2018

10:00 AM6:00 PMEurope/Zurich

SwissTech Convention Center

Route Louis-Favre 2
Quartier Nord EPFL
1024 Ecublens
--SwissTech Convention Center--
+41 21 693 42 42
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