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Pablo Doerig

--Pablo Doerig--

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Glattbrugg, Switzerland
--Pablo Doerig--

Dr., VP AFM Solutions and Head Customer Success, Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

Pablo Doerig
On8/30/18, 10:19 AM

The geometrical tolerance of our micropipette thickness is less than 100 nm, however the wall thickness and channel height highly influence the probe stiffness, which is why both parameters vary with the nominal stiffness as follows:

Probe typeWall thicknessMicrochannel heightTotal probe height
Micropipette 0.3 N/m300 nm500 nm1100 nm
Micropipette 2 N/m
600 nm1000 nm2200 nm
Micropipette 4 N/m
600 nm1500 nm2700 nm

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