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Pablo Doerig

--Pablo Doerig--

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Glattbrugg, Switzerland
--Pablo Doerig--

Dr., VP AFM Solutions and Head Customer Success, Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

Pablo Doerig
On7/20/18, 9:35 AM

FluidFM probes have contact angles around 9° to 11° depending on the platform.

  • Bruker BioScope Resolve: 9°  

  • Cytosurge FluidFM BOT: 11°

  • JPK Nanowizard: 10°

  • Nanosurf FlexAFM: 10°

For our AFM solutions, we aim to keep the same default angle which the AFM platform uses for all cantilevers.

Keep in mind that this angle will change if the AFM head itself is tilted. Also, there is a small batch-to-batch inherent angle for each probe. Contact us if you need detailed values.  

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