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How to create a time-lapse video with observation data?

Maria Milla

When using the Observation workflow in ARYA, we can get time-lapse images of selected points (e.g. cells). Together with ImageJ a time-lapse video can be generated for any observed point. In the example below, we generate a video of CHO cells injected with Lucifer Yellow and Alexa 568. In the experiment, a picture of all injected cells was taken every hour for 24h after the injection, in a bright field and two fluorescence channels (green and red). A merged image of the 3 channels is also generated by default in ARYA.

The protocol can be also found in the next file:


Once the Observation workflow is complete, click on "Show results" (folder icon, on the bottom left corner of ARYA, indicated in red):

From the 4 icons, select the one on the right, which will group the images according to points. Select a point of interest: images will appear chronologically in the menu below. Click then in "Export point data...".