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What's new on the last version?

Maria Milla

In this new ARYA version (2.12), we have mainly increased the stability of the software. Changes have been done so that the new version shows:

- Reduced chances of laser motor stalling: we have modified the laser initialization sequence.

- More tolerance to power changes during gripping: in case the head suffers from power changes while the opening and closure of the grippers (during dropping or picking), there will be an automatic reset of the head, that allows the user to continue with the process. If it occurs, the illumination will be off during the reset, but will also turn on automatically as soon as the head as been reset. 

- Better positioning

For the changes to take place and upgrade of the firmware is needed. This step is included in the normal software update process but requires user attention.

Once starting ARYA, a window will pop up; just click on Continue for the firmware update: 

The firmware will then be updated. The FluidFM control unit needs to be restarted. Follow the instructions in the software:

The USB cable is located in the back of the control unit (indicated in red in the picture below):