Degassing and filtering liquids for FluidFM

Micro-particles and bubbles in the micro-channel can end your experiment prematurely. Therefore, we recommend to work only with degassed and filtered liquids in the FluidFM cantilever. 

A possible way to degas liquid is:

1. Place the liquid of interest into a 1ml syringe without needle. 

2. Press out the remaining air from the syringe. 

3. Span a piece of para-film on the syringe opening. 

4. Apply suction with the syringe. This step will degas the liquid. Repeat it at least 10 times over the time span of a minute. 

5. Filter the liquid, by pressing it through a 0.2 um syringe filter or smaller into the desired container. 

6. Now the liquid is ready for your FluidFM experiments. 

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