Sterilizing a FluidFM probe

In order to avoid contamination in manipulated cell cultures, it might be necessary to sterilize the FluidFM probe. The protocol below was tested for a FluidFM BOT micropipette (8 µm aperture, 0.3 N/m stiffness) and later used in an adhesion workflow. 

1. Open the Probe Blister Pack. 

2. Place the micropipette on aluminum foil. Make sure that the cantilever is not in contact with the aluminum foil.


3. Fold the aluminum foil, so the probe is closed inside. Make sure it is not too tight, so in case the volume of the pack increases during the sterilization process, it will not break. 


4. Seal the sides with autoclave tape. 


5. Carefully, place the pack into the autoclave. Start a sterilization program (e.g. for solids, 121°C, 20 min). 

6. Once the program is done, let the autoclave and the pack cool down.

7. Transfer the pack to a laminar flow hood. Air dry it ON. 


8. Carefully, open the package. The micropipette is ready to use. 

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