Compatible plates for the FluidFM BOT

What type of sample dishes and plates are compatible with the FluidFM BOT system?

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The FluidFM BOT system already supports a wide range of plates and dishes. The smallest standard well size supported is that of 24 well plates. Consequently 12 and 6 well plates are also compatible, as are standard petri-dish sizes of various formats.

Specific examples of already supported plates:

  • 24 well plate: VWR® Tissue Culture Plate

  • 12 well plate: Thermo ScientificTM NunclonTM Delta surface treated

  • 6 well plate: Corning Costar® and Falcon®

  • 50 mm WillCo or Matek dishes (e.g. WillCo Type 5040)

  • Microscopy slides, 0.5-1.5 mm thick

The plate editor, integrated in the FluidFM ARYA operator software, allows the user to add his own well-plate or dish. If you let us know in advance, we can also create a configuration for your preferred container. The physical holder for custom plates can either be created by the user or is available on request (subject to charges) from Cytosurge.



Other plate designs can also be used by our customers, by loading them into the software via our plate designer. Ask for our assistance if you have any trouble doing so.

12 well plates for loading and storage

As standard, we recommend the use of Nunc 12 well plates for typical FluidFM Cell experiments (Nunclon Delta surface treated).


Working with WILL CO Wells:

Here we use WillCo wells type 5040


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