FluidFM BOT probe preparation

To achieve optimal results, follow these steps during probe preparation:

  • Make sure your liquid has been filtered through maximum 0.2µm pore size.

  • Use a 1µl pipette to aspirate 0.5 to 1µl of the solution you would like to use and wipe the tip to avoid contamination outside the reservoir.

  • Insert the pipette tip until you reach the bottom of the reservoir and eject the solution there.


  • Place the probe into the probe holder and load it in the BOT as soon as possible to avoid evaporation of your solution.


Be careful to keep the upper border of the reservoir clean. Any presence of liquid may be deposited on the sealing screw. This could lead to cross contamination and air tightness failure. In case of contamination, please refer to cleaning of the sealing screw.

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