The probe was not dropped. How can I remove it?

Sometimes FluidFM BOT probes are not released automatically. Typically this happens when there was a liquid spill before and the remaining liquid allows the probe to stick to the BOT head.

This protocol explains how to remove the probe manually in these cases.

1. Turn off: ARYA (Park & Exit), the microfluidics controller and the BOT control units. Turn off the microscope control unit as well.

2. Open the back door of the BOT incubator. Alternatively, remove the incubation completely for best access.

3. Disconnect the head cable and the pressure tubing from the head.

4. Carefully unscrew the head (2 screws, with a 2mm Allen Key) and remove it from the BOT.

5. Place the head on a flat and clean surface (a).

6. Using a T1 screwdriver, lock into the small hole of the golden gripper (b). Then lever the gripper open by rotating the screwdriver vertically down (c).

7. The gripper will now release the probe (d). Remove it manually.

8. Let go off the gripper and remove the screwdriver. 

9. Clean the FluidFM BOT head, and place a clean dummy probe on it by opening the gripper again.

10. Place the head back onto the z-stage. Screw it tight, then reconnect the head cable and pressure tubing.

11. Turn on the BOT control unit, the pressure controller and the microscope control unit.

12. Turn on ARYA, go into maintenance mode and calibrate the head XY position. 

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