How thick are the channels and walls of FluidFM micropipettes?

Dear FluidFM support team,

I have a couple of questions regarding the dimensions of your micropipettes that I'm hoping you can help me with.

What is the depth of the hole at the end of your micropipettes as indicated below?


Also, on your website it lists that the height of the probe as 1-1.5μm. Is this the tolerance or can you provide a more specific height for the micropipette?

Thank you,
Justin Brooks,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The geometrical tolerance of our micropipette thickness is less than 100 nm, however the wall thickness and channel height highly influence the probe stiffness, which is why both parameters vary with the nominal stiffness as follows:

Probe typeWall thicknessMicrochannel heightTotal probe height
Micropipette 0.3 N/m300 nm500 nm1100 nm
Micropipette 2 N/m
600 nm1000 nm2200 nm
Micropipette 4 N/m
600 nm1500 nm2700 nm

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