Where are the log-files?

Where can I find and access the log-files?

If you encounter an error and want to report it to us, it helps to also include the log-files from ARYA or CORA. There are two types of log files which are of interest to us.

ARYA/CORA log file:

  1. Open and enter the ARYA or CORA software

  2. Press F12 on the keyboard to open the directory containing the log files

  3. Locate the file log.txt

Simply send log.txt which contains the most recent logs. Older log files are labeled by their creation date in the same folder.

The log files can also be accessed manually in the AppData folder, which is hidden. It can be accessed by typing the address below into the explorer or by enabling hidden files and folders.

C:\Users\"Current User"\AppData\Local\Cytosurge\Logs\

Event Viewer Log File

  • Open the start menu, type eventvwr.msc, and press Enter

  • Choose Windows Logs -> Application

Choose correct view in Event Viewer

  • Apply a filter to only show events from the .NET Runtime

Apply a filter

  • Export the events to a file and use it as an e-mail attachment

Export the events

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