I cannot align the laser, what now?

I am trying to align the laser yet cannot get a good signal. What should I do?

Please follow these steps to get the best laser signal:

  1. Take out the laser filter (by removing the slider below your microscope revolver) to make sure you can see the laser. 

  2. Move the reflector revolver to the brightfield position.

  3. Change to a magnification of 10x or higher, to see if the laser is far away from the probe.

  4. Reduce the illumination to better see the laser.

  5. Adjust the camera exposure time in the settings until you see the laser well.

  6. Check if the probe is fully immersed in liquid. Add more liquid medium if not.

  7. Check if there is a large bubble on the probe holder. Remove it with a kimwipe if so.

  8. For AFM solutions only: Check if there is condensation fog on the probe or probe holder. Use soap water or an anti-fogging agent on the inside and dry it properly.

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