A unique system for research facilities, specifically designed to exploit the versatility of FluidFM technology to the fullest. Be at the forefront of research.

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With the cutting-edge FluidFM SPECTRA system, have access to all major FluidFM bio applications enabled in just one instrument: Perform unique nano-injection into single cells, isolation of single cells, nano-printing and single cell adhesion measurements and combine them to explore new frontiers – from true monoclonal cell line development to bottom-up neuroscience and drug research.

Benefit from easy maintenance and a premium account with comprehensive training and reactive support.

With SPECTRA, offer better research services and opportunities through technology uniqueness, high versatility and ease of use, to ultimately foster fruitful academic collaborations.


Best available single cell manipulation instrument for a broad set of applications in different fields: Genomics, biophysics, cell line development, cell microscopy,  immunology, toxicology, pharmacology and other.

Seamlessly switch and combine between the different FluidFM applications.

  • Nano-injection into single cells (of CRISPR, drugs, nanoparticles, …)

  • Isolation of single cell (pick and place, cell sorting, …)

  • Surface nano-printing (of biomolecules, biomaterials, nanoparticles, …)

  • Single cell adhesion measurements 

Bio-functionalize a surface for targeted neuron guidance (nano-printing) and precisely place neurons to build a custom neuronal network (pick and place).

Let us train your users: get extensive training including all FluidFM applications.

Let us train your technicians: reduce down-time risks by teaching your technicians and power-users to independently maintain the instrument.

Perform experiments within cell culture context, without perturbing it. Fully enclosing incubator with temperature control and a HEPA-Filter system, custom-designed around SPECTRA.


  • Black polycarbonate casing for optimal fluorescence imaging

  • Integrated high precision temperature control system

  • Integrated airflow control system

  • Long-lasting, high Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter

  • 2 x 10W UV decontamination lamps with automatic life cycle monitoring & time control

  • 4 x white LED light source

  • Tailor-made doors for easy access to main SPECTRA system and microscope areas

  • Pre-fitted sealings on the doors, ready for a CO2 upgrade

  • Power consumption 620 W

Extra feature: CO2 controlled environment (coming soon)
When a CO2-independent medium is not a viable option, control of the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is crucial. Then, it is advisable to equip the incubator with CO2-control capabilities.

Coming soon: New ergonomic design, may differ slightly from this image. 

When co-injected with a fluorescent marker, use this integrated software feature to precisely quantify how many femtoliters of the solution are added into the cell. The measurement after delivery, allows to know the true delivered volume, thus offering a robust method against natural cell-to-cell heterogeneity.

Fluorescence microscopy kit with three of the most frequently used filter sets, all motorized and integrated in the software. The motorized fluorescence mirror turret can host up to 8 mirror units, for live cell staining without compromises.


  • Fluorescence light source: 130 W Hg light guide illumination

  • Motorized turret with 8 positions, built-in shutter, simple waterproof structurer; Single-band fluorescence cubes:
    (EF: Exciter filter, BS: Beam splitter, BF: Barrier filter)

    • Red: EF: 527 - 552 nm, BS: 565 nm, BF: 577 - 632 nm

    • Green: EF: 465 - 495 nm, BS: 505 nm, BF: 515 - 555 nm

    • Blue: EF: 360-370 nm, BS: 410 nm, BF: 420-460 nm

  • Fluorescence illuminator: Straight design with field iris diaphragm

pEGFP-UHRF1 and pmCherry-TRIM21 (2 plasmids) coinjected into CHO-K1 cells

Our software records the XY-coordinates of the manipulated cells and allows the user long-term observation of the modified cells with the desired settings (fluorescence filter, exposure time etc…). Observe any point of interest and follow how events unfold with multi-channel time-lapses.

Access to our database of proven application protocols, see here.

Only 1µl of your solution is required to manipulate thousands of cells.

The large XY-stage of the system can host standard well plates of the biggest brands, with up to 24 wells.

Benefit from simple preparation and extensive automation and data management combined with our user-friendly and intuitive software. Simply point and click on the cytoplasm or nucleus of the cells you want to target and click “OK”. It is as straightforward as that.


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1. Point-and-click

Intuitive graphical user interface and ease of use lead to a short learning curve for users with any kind of background. Chose the cells of interest according to the high definition image on the screen – select hundreds of cells under visual control and selectively target for the nucleus or cytoplasm.

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2. Easy walkthrough procedures & workflows

Follow the in-software suggested instructions that guide you through the preparation of the system until execution of any FluidFM experiment. Dedicated workflows for: spotting, cell adhesion, nano-injection, cell isolation, nano-printing, print from file, observe.

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3. Follow up your experiment

Instruct the system to take the needed images with your favorite settings, in few clicks. See all relevant data grouped by the coordinates of each cell.

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4. Volume Calculator – integrated feature for nano-injection

Simply select the images of the injected cells and follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions to obtain the real injected volume.

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5. Repeatability

Find the manipulated or chosen cells at any time, and even repeat injection into a same cell.

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Multi-user support

Data are ordered per experiment and each user has a separated database.

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FluidFM probes are consumables and are used together with the SPECTRA system. They offer a wide range of possibilities.  Explore the advantages of FluidFM probes:

  • Various adherent cell lines – ideal for adherent mammalian cells like CHO, HeLa, HEK

  • Various applications – spotting, cell adhesion, nano-injection, cell isolation, nano-printing

  • Easy handling – automatic consumable exchange and washing features

  • Gain ultimate insights – know the real shape of each FluidFM probe in use by inspecting the SEM picture downloadable with the QR-Code printed on the blister

  • 1µl reservoir – reduce the amount of reagent: only 1µl of your reagent is required to fill the reservoir of the FluidFM probe

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
Example of a FluidFM probe aperture (FluidFM nanosyringe aperture)
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Specifications and real shape of the used FluidFM nanosyringe known by scanning the QR-code on the package
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FluidFM nanosyringe

  • Designed to be inserted into the intracellular environment of adherent mammalian cells, generally used to deliver substances into the cytoplasm or the nucleus. Sometimes also used to extract material from cells.

  • Sometimes used for nano-printing, when a precise contact with the substrate is favorable.

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FluidFM nanopipette

Mostly used for nano-printing of biomolecules with very high resolution.

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FluidFM micropipettes (2 µm, 4 µm, 8 µm)

  • Ideal to immobilize particles or cells. The different aperture sizes allow to match the size of the object that has to be immobilized.

  • Sometimes used to pattern larger areas.

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