Reinventing AFM Based Nanolithography.

Etching, writing and printing structures at the nanometer scale with AFM has never been more powerful.

FluidFM® technology takes AFM based nanolithography to new levels. Our unique FluidFM probes make it easy for you to carry out lithography experiments; be it in liquid or in ambient air environment. Extend your experimental freedom with FluidFM nanolithography.

FluidFM Nanolithography Lines of Nanoparticles









FluidFM Nanolithography

Innovative Technology.

Take advantage of the versatility of FluidFM to give your nanolithography task an unparalleled flexibility.

Thanks to FluidFM technology you are no longer limited to ambient air environments for your AFM based lithography applications. The closed microfluidic system inside FluidFM probes extends this technique to work even on completely immersed samples. At the same time you can take advantage of virtually limitless choice of suitable inking solutions. The technology ensures full control over mission critical parameters such as dispensing volumes, mechanical interactions and spatial positioning with respect to your sample. Create complex patterns at the nanoscale like never before.


Pressure Based Deposition.

FluidFM technology allows for nanolithography in a simple process with full control.

Once in contact with the target surface, deposition of ink solution is achieved via a sophisticated, pressure based microfluidics control system. Simultaneous tuning of the contact force and spatial coordinates of the FluidFM probe enables the generation of complex patterns with nanometer precision; both in air and liquid.


Cytosurge FluidFM Nanolithography Precision at Nanoscale

Writing as small as a few nanometers?

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Add-on for afm

Find out more about the add-on for AFM which is used for nanolithography 



Learn more about the probes that are used t
o write and etch at nanometer scale  



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