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Premium partnership with Nanosurf –
taking FluidFM solutions to the next level.




Zurich / Glattbrugg | October  18, 2017

Cytosurge and Nanosurf have a long-standing and successful history together in establishing FluidFM system solutions. This has resulted in over 40 publications generated by 30+ systems in top universities around the globe. Cytosurge is proud to announce that this successful partnership has now been further strengthened into a Premium Partnership delivering new, future-oriented and customer-driven FluidFM AFM solutions. This includes enhanced software, advanced hardware and nanopipette improvements providing the best possible FluidFM experience to end-users with a Nanosurf AFM.

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FluidFM Premium Partners go a step further by fully integrating FluidFM into their AFM software leading to highest ease of use and throughput, while at the same time enabling advanced experiments such as nanolithographic printing of liquids in complex patterns. Nanosurf has integrated FluidFM into their Nanosurf FlexAFM  – the  result is the Nanosurf Flex-FPM which allows a whole range of exciting applications in single-cell biology and nanoscience.


This Partnership with Nanosurf is the first of a series between Cytosurge and leading AFM manufacturers, designed to make FluidFM available to as many AFM users as possible.

FluidFM – GO BEYOND.  

About Nanosurf AG

Founded in 1997, Nanosurf is a Swiss based high-tech company providing scanning probe microscopes. The product range starts with very compact AFM and STM instruments, followed by state-of-the-art research atomic force microscope systems, all the way up to fully customized and comprehensive next-level solutions.

About Cytosurge AG

Cytosurge AG was founded as an ETH Zurich spin-off in 2009 and based on its patented FluidFM® technology, successfully develops and distributes scientific measuring instruments and robotic systems. Cytosurge is focusing its activities into three distinct customer-focused busines sunits: AFM SOLUTIONS, CELLL & BIOSCIENCE and 3DPRINTING, each perfectly adapted to its specific target market.
Whehter via the revolutionary FluidFM nanosyringe, the fully integrated FluidFM BOT system, or the award-winning µ3Dprinter, Cytosurge provides leading-edge tools and processes to those who need or want to go beyond current technolgocial boundaries.
FluidFM   –  GO BEYOND.