Presentation Submission

Dear FluidFM user, the aim of the FluidFM User Conference is that you can connect as community and share FluidFM results, ideas, problems, solutions, tips & tricks and protocols with each other. Consequently we welcome any submission you would like to share. 

Submission deadline: July 31, 2020.
We will evaluate all submissions and will inform you in time whether your proposal has been accepted.
In case we get many proposals, we will consider further digital events to strengthen the exchange within the FluidFM community.

Required submission information:

  • Name

  • Submission title

  • Abstract, max. one A4 page

  • Presenter biography (optional, will appear in online agenda)

  • Preferred presentation format:

    • Standard Talk (15min + 5min questions)

    • Flash Talk (8min + 2min questions)

Please send to

Talk types

We offer several formats to present your research:

Standard talks of 20 minutes including questions and flash talks of 10 minutes including questions.

Indicate you preference and we will try to accommodate your wish. The submissions with most appeal for the general FluidFM community will receive priority for standard talk slots.