Colloidal Spectroscopy | Factsheet


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1. CYTOSURGE AG, SÄGEREISTRASSE 25, 8152 GLATTBRUGG, SWITZERLAND PHONE +41 44 533 14 50, FAX +41 44 533 14 59, WWW.CYTOSURGE.COM CONTACT US. We offer complete support for our customers and distributors. Please visit the Cytosurge Help Center in order to access the FluidFM ® user community. COLLOIDAL SPECTROSCOPY Spherical colloids are the most suitable probes for local elasticity measurements on complex sub- strates. While colloidal probes are inherently difficult to produce and handle, FluidFM technology overcomes these limitations in order to give you unparalleled flexibility for your most demand- ing research requirements. F luid FM ® GIVES YOU THE EDGE. Imagine renewing your AFM colloidal probe in-situ without having to com - pletely replace the entire probe. FluidFM technology makes opting for a completely fresh probe inherently easy. The simple, yet universal ap - proach enabled by FluidFM tech- nology allows it to reversibly attach micro- and nanospheres to an atomic force cantilever in order to function as a colloidal probe. Quantify long-term or irreversible inter- actions by using each colloidal probe only once. Fast, in-situ renewal of your probe is possible with FluidFM technology – at virtually no cost. STRONG STATISTICS. 60 μm polystyrene colloids are used to quickly asses cell adhesion. Courtesy of Dörig P., ETH Zurich Obtain solid statistics in short periods of time by measuring more data points than ever before. The versatility of FluidFM thereby allows you to use so - lid, liquid and gaseous colloids as re - quired by your experiment. THE PROCEDURE IN BRIEF. The colloids are seized and reversibly attached to the FluidFM probe by ap - plying an underpressure to the micro - fluidic channel. Once measurements with the attached colloid concludes, it can be easily detached from the probe by application of a short over - pressure pulse. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS – 2016. N. Helfricht, E. Doblhofer, J.F.L. Duval, T. Scheibel & G. Papastavrou. Colloidal Properties of Recombinant Spider Silk Protein Particles. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, acs.jpcc.6b03957. doi:10.1021/acs.jpcc.6b03957 – 2013. P. Dörig, D. Ossola, A. M. Truong, M. Graf, F. Stauffer, J. Vörös & T. Zambelli. Exchangeable colloidal AFM probes for the quantification of irreversible and long-term interactions. Biophysical Journal, 105 (2), 463 – 472. doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2013.06.002 > 1 PROBE PER MINUTE pN FORCE RESOLUTION sub μm COLLOIDS ∞ PROBES PER CANTILEVER F luid FM ® – A WORLD OF APPLICATIONS. Subject to change without notice. Revision: 2.1 ID: CYTO-14-10 Copyright © 2016 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland 30 + CELLS A DAY


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