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Empower your JPK AFM beyond imaging with FluidFM. The FluidFM ADD-ON solution from Cytosurge allows you to enter the world of FluidFM using your existing JPK atomic force microscope.

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1. Subject to change without notice. Revision: 1.0 ID: CYTO-14-11 1 Copyright © 201 8 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland 100 % F l uidF M ® A PPL IC A TIO NS 100% AFM CAPAB IL ITIE S pN FO R CE C ONTRO L sub-nm X Y Z - R ES O L UTIO N EASY UPGR AD E SO L UT I ON. FluidFM ® AD D- ON FO R Y OUR EX IST I NG JPK AFM SYSTEM Empower your AFM beyond imaging with FluidFM. The FluidFM A DD-ON solutions from Cytosurge allow you to enter the world of Flui d FM using your existing atomic force microsco p e. The innovative upgrade solution opens the door to a wide range of new ap p lications made possible by Flui d FM technology. From single cell biology to mater i al sciences – harness the possi b ili ties provid e d by Flui d FM using the AFM you alr e ady own. INVERTED OPTICAL MI CRO S COPE WITH CAMERA RECOMMENDED JPK NanoWizard ® AFM SCAN HEAD FluidFM ® OPERATOR SOFTWARE BLISTER PACK BARCODE READER ANTI -V I BR A TIO N TABLE RECOMMENDED FluidFM ® M I CROFLUIDICS CONTROL SYSTEM PUMP & CONTROL UNIT PROBE HO LDER PNEUMATIC CONNECTOR FluidFM ® PROBE EASY U PG RADE SOLU TION . Example of a FluidFM ® A DD-ON installed on a JPK NanoWizard ® . CLIP IT ON. Close-up of the JPK N anoWiz ard ® scan head with a mounted FluidFM pro b e. JPK ExperimentControl TM SOFTWARE

2. CYTOSURGE AG , SÄGEREISTRA SS E 25, 8 152 GLATTBRUGG, SWITZERLAND PHONE +4 1 43 544 87 00, FAX +41 43 5 44 87 09 , WWW.CYT OS URGE.COM Flui dF M ® ADD- O N FOR Y OU R EXI ST IN G A F M IN ST R UME NT MU L TIP L Y YOUR POSSIBILI TI E S WIT H THE FluidFM ® ADD-ON. FluidFM technology extends the ap plication scope of clas- sical AFM way beyond im aging and force spectroscopy. Applications ranging from single cell isolation to colloidal spectroscopy measurements become readily po ssi bl e wit h this easy upgrade solution. FluidFM technology enables your research at the nanoscale to become faster, more powerful and econ o mical. Discover a multitude of proven FluidFM ap plications ranging from biophysics to material sciences and beyond. The possibi- lities provided by FluidFM are end less. Un leash the true power of your AFM with the FluidFM ADD -ON from Cytosurge. FluidFM ® ADD-ON Silver FluidFM ® ADD-ON Gold FluidFM ® ADD-ON Platinum * Requires inverted optical microscop e wi th free acc ess port. Please inquire with us to check if your setup is compati b le. ** Software tool for real-time, reliable detection of probe filling. R EINVENTING THE MICROPIPETTE WITH THE F luid FM ® T ECHNOLOGY. Sym biosis of nanofluidics and force microscopy. YOUR REQUIREMENTS. OUR SOLUTIONS. Develo p ed by scientists for scientists; we know that your re- search is as unique as yourself. Be cause we wa nt to offer you the best possib l e solutions for your specific requirements we have created a bespoke selection of packages that allows you to choose the perfect product to match your needs : JPK SPMControl SOFTWARE Screenshot of the JPK SPMControl software while applying FluidFM, showing a phase contrast image of the cantilever. Subject to change without notice. Revision: 1.0 ID: CYTO-14-11 1 Copyright © 201 8 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland The Silver package is the ideal choice for FluidFM experts looking for an economical start into the world of FluidFM. The Silver package offers 12 months warranty and includes the Silver FluidFM Starter kit containing 3 probes. The Gold package is the mo st popular choice, maximizing your value while playing nicely on your bu dg et . The Gold package includes everything to ensure a smooth start into the world of FluidFM applications. You can benefit from 24 months warranty . The Gold package includes a Gold FluidFM Explor er kit containing a selection of 10 micropipettes and nanopipettes of various stiffnesses and apertures. The Platinum packag e i s th e best choic e for you if want to experience the full power of the FluidFM ADD-ON solution. The integrated video camera * allows you to stay in full con trol of your experiment at all times. Thanks to the smart probe filling assistant** , getting your experimental setup ready has never been easier. With the Platinum package, you have 36 months warranty and you can take advantage of the comprehensive Platinum FluidFM Discovery kit or the FluidFM Explorer kit and additional 10 probes of the same type of your choice. These two options enable you to select the probes kit that best fits your needs. The FluidFM ® ADD-ON is compatible with all JPK NanoWizard ® , ForceRobot ® and CellHesion ® AFMs. All capabilities of the optical microscope are fully available during operation. The CellHesion ® module and CellHesion ® 200 are specially designed for cell adhesion and tissue characterization, and come with an extended z-range of 100 μm .


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