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14. DIMENSIONS ANTI-VIBRATION TABLE 90 cm INCUBATOR 80 cm 66 cm 76 cm 49.5 cm 34 cm (w x d x h ) 13 × 35 × 6.5 cm 42.5 × 40 × 13.5 cm (w x d x h ) 23 × 40 × 12 cm (w x d x h ) DEPTH: 52 cm DEPTH 75 cm 78 cm 17 cm TOTAL HEIGHT 154 cm APPROX. TOTAL CONSUMPTION F luid FM BOT SYSTEM: 2500 W Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 26 Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 27 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

7. The FluidFM BOT system was designed with single cell experiments in mind. A tailor-made 37°C incubator allows to perform cell experiments for 48 hours or more and is included with our Gold & Platinum packages (see p. 16 – 19). For usage of the FluidFM BOT system for single cell experiments, the use of an anti-vibration table is essential. The selected CleanBench anti-vibration table with its own pressure pump assures stable FluidFM experiments. The CleanBench next generation vibration isolation lab table combines the latest, patent pending, improvements to TMC table tops with the superior Gimbal Piston™ air vibration isolation system. CleanBench offers high stability, unparalleled ergonomics, guided thread lead-ins, and a compact design. 3. 37°C INCUBATOR TAILOR-MADE. 4. ANTI-VIBRATION TABLE ESSENTIAL. The incubator is opaque to minimize fluorescence background and features integrated temperature and airflow control. A HEPA filter assures that only clean air circulates within its confinement. Two UV light sources allow sterilization of the volume between experiments. The incubator comes with large ports which allow convenient access to samples. Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 12 Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 13 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

15. ALEXANDER SERRE VP CELL + BIOSCIENCE BU alexa[email protected] +41 43 544 87 10 We offer comprehensive application and technical support. Please contact us with your specific requests or application ideas. We will be delighted to support you and help you make your vision come true. CYTOSURGE AG, SÄGEREISTRASSE 25, 8152 GLATTBRUGG, SWITZERLAND PHONE +41 43 544 87 00, FAX +41 43 544 87 09, WWW.CYTOSURGE.COM Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland CONTAC T US . VISIT US . Our BioLab (BSL-2) is fully equipped for a wide range of FluidFM cell experiments. Request a live on-site demo of your application and take away the results of what you have achieved. We also offer live remote demos around the globe. WWW.CYTOSURGE.COM

5. The fully-motorized and automated inverted microscope system for live cell imaging is designed with the scientist’s workflow in mind. The Olympus IX83 inverted microscope and the following set of features and options have been carefully selected by our engineers, in close cooperation with those of Olympus, to maximize the throughput and functionality of the FluidFM BOT. The fully motorised microscope is controlled by the FluidFM ARYA operator software, which enables the highest level of automatization. For each FluidFM BOT system package (Silver, Gold, Platinum, see p. 16 - 19), we have selected a specific configuration of the Olympus IX83 inverted microscope. The Silver version is the first building block and contains carefully selected components which are common to the Gold and Platinum version. System variants of the Olympus IX83 inverted microscope. Building upon one another: The Platinum version of the microscope includes, among others, all the features of the Silver and Gold versions. Platinum Gold Silver 2. OLYMPUS IX83 INVERTED MICROSCOPE FOR A VARIETY OF RESEARCH NEEDS. IX 83 – BUILT FOR LIVE CELL IMAGING. Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 9 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

8. The FluidFM BOT system already supports a wide range of plates and dishes. The smallest standard well size supported is that of 24 well plates. Consequently 12 and 6 well plates are also compatible, as are standard petri-dish sizes of various formats. Specific examples of already supported plates: § 24 well plate: VWR ® Tissue Culture Plate § 12 well plate: Thermo ScientificTM NunclonTM Delta surface treated § 6 well plate: Corning Costar ® § 50 mm WillCo or Matek dishes (e.g. WillCo Type 5040) § Microscopy slides, 0.5-1.5 mm thick Morevover, the plate editor integrated in the FluidFM ARYA operator software, allows the user to add his own well-plate or dish. We can also create a special configuration for your preferred container. The physical holder for custom plates can either be created by the user or is available on request from Cytosurge (subject to charges). 5. ACCESSORIES COMPATIBLE PLATES AND DISHES. Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 15 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

9. SILVER VERSION OF THE F luid FM BOT SYSTEM: FOR BIOPRINTING The FluidFM BOT Silver package is the ideal solution if you want to print 2D and 3D vectors and complex structures in air or liquid at the sub-micrometer scale. Very precise and highly reproducible nanolithography and spotting is possible using a wide variety of inks, of varying viscosities and nature. Thus, you can print a broad selection of materials such as DNA, proteins, molecules, polymers, nanoparticles and many more. GOLD VERSION OF THE F luid FM BOT SYSTEM: FOR LIVE SINGLE CELL FLUORESCENCE IMAGING. The Gold version of the FluidFM BOT system has been designed as the ideal set-up for the revolutionary FluidFM nano-injection, nano-extraction and cell isolation applications that make the FluidFM BOT system such an incredible tool for biologists. PLATINUM VERSION OF THE F luid FM BOT SYSTEM: FOR LONG-TERM HIGH-END IMAGING. At the top of the range is the Platinum version of the FluidFM BOT system, which includes all the components and software necessary for programmable high-end imaging of cells before, during or after nano-injection, nano-extraction and cell isolation experiments. The system can be programmed to return to previously injected cells on a regular basis and can record photos or videos of the evolution of the cells over a period of 48 hours or more. Developed by scientists for scientists; we know that your research is as unique as yourself. Because we want to offer you the best possible solution for your specific requirements, we have created a bespoke selection of packages that allows you to choose the perfect FluidFM BOT system package to match your needs. Long-term imaging. Established colonies of CHO cells in a 12-well plate (A1-C4) 48 hours after isolation. 6. FluidFM ® BOT SYSTEM PACK AGES SINGLE CELL EXPERIMENTS REINVENTED. Ideal with the Silver FluidFM BOT package. Nanolithography of DAPI on DNA coated glass surface. Platinum FluidFM BOT Package. Installation & image courtesy: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia. Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 16 Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 17 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

3. BARCODE READER Integrated in ARYA, the dedicated barcode reader gives convenient access to all relevant probe characteristics, but most importantly to a unique SEM image of each individual FluidFM probe taken during our quality control process. You can see exactly how your probe opening looks. FluidFM ARYA OPERATOR SOFTWARE The intuitive FluidFM ARYA operator software provides simple yet powerful application-specific workflows for nano-injection, nano-extraction, cell isolation and more. It guides the user step-by-step but also leaves the freedom to optimize parameters for each cell line. The complimentary FluidFM data management software EDNA enables to revisit and analyse your FluidFM experimental data at any time. Fluid FM BOT CONTROL UNIT Being the electronic heart and brain of the FluidFM BOT system, the control unit assures the precise and timely synchronization of all FluidFM components. It features integrated Ethernet connections for increased signal stability. F luid FM MICROFLUIDICS CONTROL SYSTEM V2 The FluidFM MFCS enables pressure-based flow control of femto- to picoliter per second through the FluidFM probe. Compared to its predecessor, the FluidFM MFCS V 2 increases both the overall pressure resolution and stability by a factor of 10 and features a new integrated leak detector guaranteeing that every probe is tightly gripped before an experiment. 1. FluidFM ® BOT The FluidFM BOT is the main component of the FluidFM BOT system designed to perform single cell FluidFM experiments. MOTORIZED Z-STAGE Our Z-stage allows movement of the FluidFM probe with nanometer resolution over a 5 cm range. Thus, you can move in and out of well plates quickly whilest still being able to gently touch cells, for example for cell isolation. F luid FM BOT HEAD The FluidFM BOT head grips FluidFM probes automatically and tightly. It further contains the motorized laser optics which allows to sense the force interaction between the FluidFM probe and cells – it gives feedback about the progress of cell-penetration. An integrated LED light- source with custom phase contrast enables the easy distinction between cell nucleus and cytoplasm. MOTORIZED XY-SAMPLE STAGE Our motorized XY-sample stage enables you to reach the cell of interest with nanometer precision and to work with two standard well plates in parallel, for example two 24-well plates. Consequently, you can switch conveniently between wells and easily wash FluidFM probes. THE CORE OF THE SYSTEM. SYSTEM COMPUTER & MONITOR The computer and monitor are selected and assembled to assure smooth operation of the complete FluidFM BOT system. Both computer and screen are ready to run the newest microscopy software such as cellSens Dimension software if required by your experiments. Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 4 Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 5 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

4. FluidFM PROBE DISCOVERY KIT The FluidFM probe discovery kit includes a selection of 20 probes with different tips and various stiffnesses and apertures.The kit enables you to try various applications with the FluidFM BOT system, from nano-injection to cell isolation, spotting and nanolithography. The kit even includes FluidFM prototyping probes enabling you to create the aperture of your choice. FluidFM probes are produced according to a patented, high-precision micro-fabrication process. Stiffness in N/m Aperture in μm 0.3 0.6 2 4 n.a. 1 × 1 × 0.3 2 × 2 × 0.8 4 × 2 2 × 2 × 4 1 × 2 × 8 1 × 2 × Prototyping Nanopipette Nanosyringe Micropipettes FluidFM prototyping probe FluidFM probe discovery kit. The table shows the number of each FluidFM probe type contained in the kit. FluidFM micropipette FluidFM nanosyringe FluidFM nanopipette Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 6 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

2. BARCODE READER ANTI-VIBRATION TABLE FluidFM ® ARYA OPERATOR SOFTWARE 37°C INCUBATOR FluidFM ® BOT Z-STAGE WITH BOT HEAD FluidFM ® MICROFLUIDICS CONTROL SYSTEM SYSTEM COMPUTER & MONITOR FluidFM ® BOT CONTROL UNIT FluidFM ® BOT XY-STAGE OLYMPUS IX83 INVERTED MICROSCOPE FluidFM ® PROBE DISCOVERY KIT The FluidFM BOT system takes single cell research to the next level, due to our FluidFM technology associated to the high-quality system components. Unprecedent precision and throughput for single cell experiments are unified in a unique stand-alone system. COMPLETE STAND-ALONE SYSTEM. FluidFM ® BOT SYSTEM 1 3 1 1 2 4 1 1 1 1 1 CONTENT Page 1. FluidFM ® BOT · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 4 2. OLYMPUS IX83 INVERTED MICROSCOPE · · · · · · · · · 9 3. 37°C INCUBATOR · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 12 4. ANTI-VIBRATION TABLE · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 13 5. ACCESSORIES · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 14 6. FluidFM ® BOT SYSTEM PACKAGES · · · · · · · · · · · · 16 7. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS & DIMENSIONS · · · · 20 The FluidFM BOT System Gold package is shown. The Platinum package includes two screens. Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 2 Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 3 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

6. Motorized IX83 two-deck inverted microscope frame The motorized IX83 has a 2-port frame for reflected and transmitted light observation with two decks for optical module attachments and a slot for optional Z drift compensation. It is the most advanced inverted imaging system with a new level of flexibility. Focus module The focus module provides the familiarity of conventional handle operation for intuitive microscope control. Objectives A selection of 3 long-distance objectives (x10, x20 and x40) enables the flexibility you need for your experiments. Touch panel controller The touch panel controller allows the user to switch observation methods with a single touch, and therefore easily configure all automated functions on the microscope. The touch panel controller used in combination with the cellSens Dimension software included in the Platinum version, enables advanced customization. Light guide-coupled illumination system The light guide-coupled illumination system is the ideal stable light source for fluorescence microscopy with a very long lifetime. Its six-step iris effectively controls intensity and enables simple, staged intensity adjustment. Bright and uniform straight fluorescence illuminator The bright and uniform straight fluorescence illuminator incorporates a fly-eye lens system to provide an even distribution of fluorescence illumination. Motorized fluorescence mirror turret The motorized fluorescence mirror turret is a non-click turret fitted with 8 mirror units that deliver smooth and fast switching. Mirror units can be used with 25 mm diameter filters or 32 mm diameter filters. Single-band fluorescence cubes A selection of 3 red, green and blue single-band fluorescence cubes enables to view samples tagged with more than one fluorophore. Z-drift compensation module The fully motorized Z drift compensation module combats focal drift to keep the sample in sharp focus during long-term, time-lapse experiments. The improved IX3-ZDC2 is faster, more flexible and supports a larger range of objectives and sample vessels. DP74 color high resolution camera The DP74 color high resolution camera obtains high-quality images of live specimens higher than Full HD resolution (2.3 million native pixels). It also advances the speed and ease with which you can obtain detailed, accurate images with brightfield and fluorescent samples alike. cellSens Dimension software The Olympus cellSens Dimension software gives you full control for complex research acquisitions and solid reliability. Both can be achieved by designing the experimental scheme with a few mouse clicks, and with almost no need for training. Extra monitor An extra monitor is provided so that the FluidFM AYRA software can run on one screen and the cellSens Dimension software on the other. S I LV ER GOLD PLATINUM Olympus IX83 system variants for the FluidFM ® BOT Silver, Gold & Platinum packages * . * See on pages 16 - 19 for a description of the FluidFM BOT system Silver, Gold and Platinum packages and their contents. Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 11 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

11. FluidFM ® microfluidics control system V2 Pressure Range -800 to +1000 mbar Range A High resolution range [ -100 mbar to +100 mbar ] Range B Normal resolution range [ -800 mbar to -100 mbar ] and [ +100 mbar to +1000 mbar ] Accuracy sensor 0.5 mbar 5 mbar Pressure resolution 0.05 mbar 0.5 mbar Transient response time < 1 s < 2.5 s Steady state max. SD < 0.5 mbar < 1 mbar Steady state average error (∆t=5s) < 0.1 mbar < 1 mbar Power consumption 85 W Dimensions & weight ( width × height × depth ) Control Unit: 130 × 65 × 350 mm, 2.8 kg Pump Unit: 230 × 120 × 400 mm, 8.6 kg Number of channels 1 APIs https://documentation.cytosurge.com/cora/api/ Motorized XY-sample stage – Sample range 240 x 74 mm (fits two standard multi-well plates) – Encoder resolution 1 nm – Bidirectional XY repeatability <500 nm over full range – X and Y Jitter <20 nm – Flexible inset system allows to work with custom sample containers – Inset for two multi-well plates included by default Motorized Z-stage – Range 50 mm – Jitter <5 nm – Encoder resolution <0.1 nm – Can be separated from the XY-stage for maintenance and cleaning purposes 7. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS & DIMENSIONS KNOW THE DETAILS. FluidFM BOT head – Motorized optics for beam deflection sensing – Motorized FluidFM probe exchange mechanism – Integrated pneumatics for FluidFM – Transmitted LED light source Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 20 Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 21 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

10. OVERVIEW FluidFM ® BOT SYSTEM PACK AGES. BIOPRINTING. NANOLITHOGRAPHY, SPOTTING S I LV E R LIVE SINGLE CELL FLUORESCENCE IMAGING. NANO-INJECTION, NANA-EXTRACTION, CELL ISOLATION GOLD LONG-TERM HIGH-END IMAGING. NANO-INJECTION, NANA-EXTRACTION, CELL ISOLATION PLAT I N U M FluidFM probes kit FluidFM discovery kit (20 probes) 6 Support To be agreed depending on individual requirements. 16 Warranty 24 months 16 FluidFM microfluidics control system V2 – Improved performance 4 FluidFM ARYA operator software 5 Barcode reader module 5 Anti-vibration table 13 Microscopy unit 9 Tailor-made opaque incubator 12 HEPA filter for incubator 12 Microscope fluorescence module 10- 11 Long-term high-end imaging unit 10- 11 PAGE: Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 18 Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 19 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

12. System computer + monitor – Pre-installed ready-to-use workstation – 27” high resolution monitor (+ a second monitor for the Platinum version) – Windows 10 Enterprise version – Remote support optimized – Power consumption 300 W FluidFM ARYA Operator software – State-of-the-art, intuitive user interface – All available FluidFM application modules – Multi-user support – Complimentary FluidFM EDNA data management software – Pre-installed, free software updates for 12 months Barcode reader – Get access to the SEM image of the FluidFM probe you are using FluidFM BOT control unit – Controls the FluidFM XY- and Z-stages and the FluidFM BOT head – 425 × 400× 135 mm (w x d x h) – Power consumption 450 W FluidFM probes FluidFM prototyping FluidFM nanopipette FluidFM nanosyringe FluidFM micropipette Aperture diameter closed 300 nm 800 nm 2, 4, 8 μm Main application(s) Custom Spotting, nanolithography Nano-injection, nano-extraction Cell isolation, cell adhesion Tip shape / aperture shape Pyramidal/custom Pyramidal/circular Pyramidal/triangular side aperture Flat/circular Available spring constants (Channel height) 0.6 N/m (500 nm), 2 N/m (1000 nm) 0.6 N/m (500 nm), 2 N/m (1000 nm) 2 N/m (1500 nm) 0.3 N/m (500 nm), 1 N/m (500 nm), 2 N/m (1000 nm), 4 N/m (1500 nm) Probe dimensions Length 200 μm Width 36 μm Height 1 to 2.5 μm Pyramid height 7 μm Microscope Camera Default FluidFM BOT camera (all packages) High-end imaging camera (only Platinum package) Model IDS UI-3060CP-C-HQ Rev.2 DP74 Color Camera Exclusively used by FluidFM ARYA operator software cellSens Dimension software Sensor type CMOS Color CMOS Color Sensor size 1/1.2 inch 1/1.2 inch Resolution 2.35 MP 2.3 MP (up to 20.7 MP with pixel shift technology) Aspect Ratio 16:10 16:10 ADC 12 bit 12 bit Cooling Passive Active peltier cooling for best signal-to-noise Other Full integration within CellSens Dimension software unlocking powerful imaging modes Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 22 Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 23 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland

13. Anti-vibration table Isolator natural frequency High Input: vertical = 1.2 Hz, horizontal = 1.0 Hz Low Input: vertical = 1.5 - 2.0 Hz, horizontal = 1.2 - 1.7 Hz Isolation efficiency @ 5 Hz Vertical = 70 - 85% Horizontal = 75 - 90% Isolation efficiency @ 10 Hz Vertical = 90 - 97% Horizontal = 90 - 97% Recommended load capacity 350 lb (160kg) Finish Medium texture black powder coat frame, stainless steel top Facilities required 80 psi (5.4 bar) nitrogen or air Shipping weight Approx. 600 lb (272 kg) Height control valves Repeatability standard valve +/-0.050 in. (1.3 mm) Precision valve +/- 0.005in. (0.13 mm) Dimensions (w x d x h) 900 × 750 × 780 mm Power consumption 207 W (if operated with included Jun Air Compressor) 37° Incubator – Black polycarbonate casing for optimal fluorescence imaging – Integrated, high precision temperature control system – Integrated airflow control system – Long-lasting, high Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter – 2 x 10W UV decontamination lamps with automatic life cycle monitoring & time control – 4 x white LED light source – Tailor-made doors for easy access to main FluidFM BOT and microscope areas – Power consumption 620 W Olympus IX 83 inverted microscope Microscope frame Optical system UIS2 optical system Revolving nosepiece Motorized sextuple revolving nosepiece ( DIC slider attachable ), simple waterproof structure Focus Stroke: 10.5 mm, Minimum increment: 0.01 μm, Maximum nosepiece movement speed: 3 mm/s Light path selection Motorized 0:100 / 50:50 / 100:0 ( Left side port: BI port ) Fluorescence light source 130 W Hg light guide illumination Motorized fluorescence mirror turret EF: Exciter filter BS: Beam splitter BF: Barrier filter Motorized turret with 8 positions, built-in shutter, simple waterproof structurer; Single-band fluorescence cubes for Gold & Platinum: - Green: EF: 527 - 552 nm, BS: 565 nm, BF: 577 - 632 nm - Blue: EF: 465 - 495 nm, BS: 505 nm, BF: 515 - 555 nm - Red: EF: 360-370 nm, BS: 410 nm, BF: 420-460 nm Fluorescence illuminator Straight design with field iris diaphragm Z drift compensator Offset method ( Focus search, one-shot focus, continuous focus ), Class 1 laser product Motorized attenuator wheel Time to shift another filter 300 ms (rotation time until next hole on the wheel) Operating environment – Indoor use – Ambient temperature: 5 º to 40 º C ( 41 º to 104 º F ) – Maximum relative humidity: 80 % for temperatures up to 31 º C ( 88 º F ), decreasing linearly through 70 % at 34 º C ( 93 º F ), 60 % at 37 º C ( 99 º F ), to 50 % relative humidity at 40 º C ( 104 º F ) – Supply voltage fluctuations: Not to exceed ±10 % of the normal voltage Power consumption – Max. 755 W Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 24 Subject to change without notice. Version: 1.0, p. 25 Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland


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