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FluidFM µ3Dprinter: 3D Metal Printing at Micrometer Scale.
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1. We give you the tool to create, design and modify metal objects at micrometer scale, control femtoliter liquid volumes and dispense nanoparticles. From 3D object design and micro dispensing to surface modification, FluidFM offers an extensive range of applications. – GO BEYOND. We offer complete support. Please contact us with your specific requests or application ideas. We are delighted to support you and help you make your vision come true. CYTOSURGE AG, SÄGEREISTRASSE 25, 8152 GLATTBRUGG, SWITZERLAND PHONE +41 43 544 87 00, FAX +41 43 544 87 09, WWW.CYTOSURGE.COM Copyright © 2018 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland ENTER A NEW DIMENSION. CONTAC T US. 3D METAL PRINTING AT MICROMETER SCALE.

2. FULLY INTEGRATED AND VERSATILE SYSTEM. HIGH RESOLUTION CAMERA ANTI-VIBRATION TABLE FluidFM ® CAPA OPERATOR SOFTWARE FluidFM ® μ 3D printer XYZ-STAGE FluidFM ® MICROFLUIDICS CONTROL SYSTEM FluidFM ® SYSTEM COMPUTER The FluidFM μ3Dprinteroffers truly new capabilities in manufacturing microscopic and submicroscopic complex metal structures. Pinpoint-accurate 3D printing revolutionizes micro- manufacturing by combining additive manufacturing with traditional microfabrication methods. The FluidFM μ3Dprinter has a functional design with a simple and intuitive operator software, called CAPA. CAPA accurately aligns the 3D objects with previously manufactured structures using high-resolution cameras. Our FluidFM μ3Dprinter leads you into a new world of microscopic additive manufacturing. This unique technology is capable of being industrially scalable and has the potential to drive additive micromanufacturing well beyond current technological boundaries. CUTTING EDGE & UNIQUE. DISCOVER NEW POSSIBILITIES. FluidFM technology unites the best features of microfl uidics and force microscopy. A tiny volume of liquid fl ows through a microscopic channel inside the force sensitive iontip. This unique combination of microfl uidics and force microscopy can produce complex, pure metal objects. The optical force feedback provides real-time process control. FluidFM iontips have apertures up to 500 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. This size allows fl ow rates as small as femtoliters per second; a million times smaller than what the best fl ow sensor can detect. FluidFM takes manufacturing of microscopic complex metal objects to a level as yet unseen. up to 1’000’000 μm 3 PRINTING VOLUME (metal) 100 x 70 x 60 CHAMBER VOLUME (in mm) up to 100 μm/s PROCESS SPEED XY ± 250 nm & Z ± 5 nm POSITIONING PRECISION REAL TIME PROCESS CONTROL ACCUR ATE nm PRECISION PRECISE fL LIQUID VOLUMES SOLID OBJECTS WITH OVERHANG COMBINATION OF STRUCTURES ARRAY OF PILLARS VOLUME OBJECTS FluidFM technology is both flexible and versatile. The technology opens the door to a new world of additive manufacturing of complex metal objects. FluidFM also allows dispensing of various liquids and nanoparticles. These capabilities lead to new research opportunities in fi elds such as microelectronics, semiconductors, surface modification, material science and many more. The FluidFM μ3Dprinter enables new applications and novel projects. 3D PRINTING The FluidFM μ3Dprinter directly prints complex metal objects at micrometer scale. SEVERAL METALS The FluidFM μ3Dprinter prints various metals like Cu, Ag, Au and Pt. Electrochemical deposition of 30 more metals (Ni, Cr, Cd, Fe, In, Zn, ...) is under investigation. NANOLITHOGRAPHY The FluidFM μ3Dprinter prints vectors and complex 2D structures at nanometer scale. A wide range of liquids and nanoparticles can be dispensed with femtoliter and nanometer accuracy. SURFACE MANIPULATION The FluidFM μ3Dprinter performs high-precision surface modifi cation. A wide range of materials can be deposited and accurately structured. FluidFM ® μ 3D printer CONTROL UNIT TECHNOLOGY – A WORLD OF APPLICATIONS


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