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2. CYTOSURGE AG, SÄGEREISTRASSE 25, 8152 GLATTBRUGG, SWITZERLAND PHONE +41 44 533 14 50, FAX +41 44 533 14 59, WWW.CYTOSURGE.COM CONTACT US. We offer complete support for our customers and distributors. Please visit the Cytosurge Help Center in order to access the FluidFM ® user community. www.fl uidfm.com Subject to change without notice. Revision: 1.4 ID: CYTO-14-49 Copyright © 2015 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland EXCHANGEABLE COLLOID PROBE MICROFABRICATED F luid FM ® PROBES At the heart of FluidFM lies the patented production pro- cess for our microfl uidic probes. The high precision micro- fabrication technology ensures constant probe quality for maximum reliability. We take pride in our Swiss precision and craftsmanship; our know-how goes into every single probe we deliver. Each specimen is individually tested to comply with all quality requirements of our customers. FluidFM probes are delivered preassembled and individually wrapped in a convenient blister package. A complete range of different probe designs is available to meet your application requirements. We can also create customized probe designs for your experiments thanks to our innovative, rapid prototyping platform. PRECISION THROUGH TECHNOLOGY. FluidFM nanopipette with pyramidal tip and nanometer sized aperture. REINVENTING THE MICROPIPETTE – F luid FM ® TECHNOLOGY WINNER OF ZKB PIONIERPREIS TECHNOPARK AWARD IN 2012 USABILITY AND APPLICATION. Our simple and intuitive operator software, in combination with functional instrument design, ensures that FluidFM technology is easy to use and ready for your application. FluidFM technology is both universal and versatile. It opens the door to a new world of experiments at the sub-micrometer scale for research in life sciences, physics and beyond. MULTIPLY YOUR POSSIBILITIES. Due to its unmatched dimensions, force control and nano- meter positioning capabilities, FluidFM greatly extends the scope of your experimental applications compared to traditional glass micropipettes.

1. Subject to change without notice. Revision: 1.4 ID: CYTO-14-46 Copyright © 2016 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland REINVENTING THE MICROPIPETTE. F luid FM ® TECHNOLOGY FluidFM technology is reinventing the micropipette. The truly unique combination of force microscopy and microfl uidics elevates your applications to a higher level, from single cell biology to surface analysis and beyond. Benefi t from simplifi ed workfl ows and higher productivity. FluidFM technology gives you maximum experimental fl exibility for your most demanding nano-manipulation tasks. OUR VIEW ON DIMENSION. FluidFM probes have an aperture 500 times smal- ler than the diameter of a human hair. This allows fl ow rates as small as femtoliters per second; a million times smaller than what the best fl ow sensor can detect. The patented technology that makes this possible is FluidFM. THE UNIQUE F luid FM TECHNOLOGY. Symbiosis of nanofl uidics and force microscopy. F luid FM ® IN A NUTSHELL. FluidFM technology unites the best features of microfl uidics and force microscopy by introducing closed microscopic channels into force sensitive probes. This unique combi- nation enables the handling of liquid volumes at the femto- liter scale, as well as force controlled manipulations of micro- scopic objects. FluidFM technology elevates the application scope of traditional glass micropipettes to new levels. TUBING BUFFER SOLUTION GLASS SLIDE OPTICAL MICROSCOPE MICROCHANNELED FluidF M ® PROBE RESERVOIR PRE-ASSEMBLED FluidF M ® PROBE HOLDER OPTICAL FORCE FEEDBACK PRECISE f L LIQUID VOLUMES ACCURATE pm PRECISION TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION. Thanks to the nanofl uidic channel inside FluidFM probes, soluble molecules can be dispensed through a sub-micro- meter aperture at the tip. At the same time, the sensitive force feedback system allows surfaces in liquid environments to be modifi ed in a controlled fashion. It also provides a reliable distinction bet- ween gentle contact with cell membranes and perforation. SENSITIVE p N FORCE CONTROL VERSATILE ∞ APPLICATIONS


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