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1. CYTOSURGE AG, SÄGEREISTRASSE 25, 8152 GLATTBRUGG, SWITZERLAND PHONE +41 44 533 14 50, FAX +41 44 533 14 59, WWW.CYTOSURGE.COM CONTACT US. We offer complete support for our customers and distributors. Please visit the Cytosurge Help Center in order to access the FluidFM ® user community. NANOLITHOGRAPHY FluidFM technology takes AFM based nanolithography to new levels. Etching, writing and printing struc- tures at the nanometer scale with AFM has never been more powerful. Our unique FluidFM probes make it easy for you to carry out litho- graphy experiments; be it in liquid or in ambient air environment. Extend your experimental freedom with FluidFM nanolithography. F luid FM ® GIVES YOU THE EDGE. Thanks to FluidFM technology you are no longer limited to ambient air envi - ronments for your AFM based litho - graphy applications. The closed micro - fluidic system inside FluidFM probes extends this technique to work even on completely immersed samples. At the same time you can take advan - tage of a vast choice of suitable inking solutions. The technology ensures full control over critical parameters such as dispensing volumes, mechanical in - teractions and spatial positioning with respect to your sample. Create com - plex patterns at the nanoscale like ne - ver before. REINVENTING AFM BASED NANOLITHOGRAPHY. Fluorescent nanoparticles lines printed in liquid on a microscope slide. Courtesy of Grüter R. R., ETH Zurich Enjoy unprecedented experimental freedom for your applications with FluidFM nanolithography. THE PROCEDURE IN BRIEF. A simple process with full control. Once in contact with the target surface, de - position of ink solution is achieved via a sophisticated, pressure based micro - fluidics control system. Simultaneous tuning of the contact force and spatial coordinates of the SELECTED PUBLICATIONS – 2014. H. Dermutz, R. R. Grüter, A.M. Truong, L. Demkó, J. Vörös & T. Zambelli. Local polymer replacement for neuron patterning and in situ neurite guidance. Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, 30 (23), 7037 – 46. doi:10.1021/la5012692 – 2013. R. R. Grüter, J. Vörös & T. Zambelli. FluidFM as a lithography tool in liquid: spatially controlled deposition of fluorescent nanoparticles. Nanoscale, 5 (3), 1097 – 104. doi:10.1039/c2nr33214k VERSATILE LIQUID & AIR ENVIRONMENT FA S T UNLIMITED INK RESERVOIR PRECISE f L FLOW CONTROL F luid FM ® – A WORLD OF APPLICATIONS. VA S T CHOICE OF INKS FluidFM probe enables the generation of complex patterns with nanometer precision; both in air and liquid. Subject to change without notice. Revision: 1.a ID: CYTO-14-43 Copyright © 2016 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland


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