Single Cell Injection | Factsheet


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1. CYTOSURGE AG, SÄGEREISTRASSE 25, 8152 GLATTBRUGG, SWITZERLAND PHONE +41 44 533 14 50, FAX +41 44 533 14 59, WWW.CYTOSURGE.COM CONTACT US. We offer complete support for our customers and distributors. Please visit the Cytosurge Help Center in order to access the FluidFM ® user community. SINGLE CELL INJECTION With the world’s smallest syringe, even single cell injection is easy. Change a single cell within a culture and study the cascade effect on its surroundings. In life sciences, biology and medicine, FluidFM injection is a strong addition to your experi - mental portfolio. F luid FM ® GIVES YOU THE EDGE . Single cell injection with FluidFM is reliable and fast. The inherent force feedback protects both your cells and the FluidFM probes during the injec - tion. Thus injections are successful and cells survive the operation unharmed. A single probe can inject hundreds of cells per day in an automated process. Simply click on a cell and watch the injection under the microscope. This provides high throughput and makes injection both easy and repeatable. THE PROCEDURE IN BRIEF. The user selects a cell by clicking it, based on fluorescent, morphological, or mechanical markers. While moni- toring the force, the FluidFM probe approaches the cell and penetrates HARD TO INJECT. A beating cardiomyocyte is injected via FluidFM. Courtesy of Ossola D., ETH Zurich its membrane. The substance of choice is then injected via a short pressure pulse, and the FluidFM probe retracts again. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS – 2013. O. Guillaume - Gentil, E. Potthoff, D. Ossola, P. Dörig, T. Zambelli & J. A. Vorholt. Force-controlled fluidic injection into single cell nuclei. Small, 9 (11), 1904 – 1907. doi:10.1002/smll.201202276 – 2009. A. Meister, M. Gabi, P. Behr, P. Studer, J. Vörös, P. Niedermann, J. Bitterli, J. Polesel - Maris, M. Liley, H. Heinzelmann & T. Zambelli. FluidFM: Combining atomic force microscopy and nanofluidics in a universal liquid delivery system for single cell applications and beyond. Nano Letters, 9 (6), 2501 – 2507. doi:10.1021/ nl901384x PRECISE, RELIABLE, FAST. Gently penetrate the cell membrane and inject fL volumes. Courtesy of Behr P. 100% INJECTION SUCCESS 100% VIABLE CELLS fL VOLUMES F luid FM ® – A WORLD OF APPLICATIONS. Subject to change without notice. Revision: 4.3 ID: CYTO-14-9 Copyright © 2016 Cytosurge AG, Switzerland POINT & CLICK SIMPLE OPERATION


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