FluidFM® CellEDIT Service

 A CRISPR cell line engineering service based on our FluidFM® technology.

Sensitive cells? Need a high-quality genome edit?

We create the cell line for you!

Based on our FluidFM technology we have established a CRISPR cell line engineering service that is especially suited for hard-to-transfect and rare cells. We do not shy away from editing primary cells, iPSCs, TERT-immortalized cell lines or other sensitive cell lines – adherent or in suspension. As we work vector-free, we also offer complex edits, like knock-in (KI) with large repair templates or multiple knock-outs (like triple KO). Benefit from novel disease models and complex edits thanks to FluidFM-based CellEDIT Service.

Hard-to-transfect or rare mammalian cells

TERT immortalized cells
Primary cells

Complex edits

Multiple knock-out
Large repair templates

High quality & efficiency

Higher HDR efficiency
Less off-target effects
Guaranteed monoclonality

Monoclonality guaranteed

Because we start with a single cell, monoclonality of your cell lines is guaranteed.

Example customer projects

What was done
Cell type
Epithe­lial disease model
TERT-immortal­ized epithelial cells
First time ever suc­cess­ful CRISPR edit for this cell line
Undis­closed drug target
5-10x higher HDR efficiency
Diabetes model
Hard-to-transfect cell line
CRISPR KI of sensitive cell
Skin model
CRISPR KOTERT-immortal­ized epi­der­mal cellsCRISPR KO of sensitive cell
Triple KO of CHO cells
CRISPR 3x KO in one step
CHO cells
3x CRISPR KO mono­clon­al cell line within 3 weeks

Our deliverables in < 12 weeks*

2 edited, independent monoclonal cell lines
2 control cell lines
Sequence Report

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*Depending on optimization complexity and doubling time

Enabled by FluidFM® technology

Our proprietary FluidFM technology brings genome editing reagents directly into the nucleus. Safe, gentle to the cell, and vector-free! The basis of our technology is a force-controlled nanosyringe that allows precise injection of any soluble cargo directly into the cytoplasm or nucleus of any mammalian cell. And since we start with single cells, monoclonality of cell lines is guaranteed.

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We combine the power of CRISPR with FluidFM® to provide engineered cell lines as a service