Rating Guiding Principles for Focus Point 'Keep things simple'

Which guiding Principles are most powerful to you?

Each person has 3 points for free evaluation of the guiding principles which are most powerful to him. However, at least 2 action points should be rated as favorites. That means you can give a guiding principle more weight by giving it 2 points. 

Below you find short explanations to each guiding principle before you fill the matrix. NOTE that point 1A. and 1B. as well as 4A. & 4B. are very similar.

Be aware that you only get to fill out the survey once. Additionally, this time I didn't translate sentences in German to English or vice versa to keep it simple. Please ask your desk neighbour for help with the German/English text if needed.

1a. invest extra time to simplify 

  • Consider short vs. long therm

  • Reevaluate regularly & apply accordingly


  • Consider short vs. long therm

  • Reevaluate regularly & apply accordingly


  • Beim Prozess der Vereinfachung Zweitmeinung/Meinungen von anderen einholen (ggf. jemanden wählen, der eine neue Sichtweise einbringt)

  • Bei der Vereinfachung 'Salamitaktik' anwenden; incremental disruption

  • Vereinfachung muss für alle zugänglich sein

  • Bewusste Kommunikation einsetzen

3. Advertise Simplicity

  • Advertise regularly: make others aware when something could be done in a more simple way

  • Share best practice examples and talk about this topic with peers and your boss regularly

4. Pursue simplicity of common understanding

  • 'Simple' means easy to understand for everyone

  • Bring in different perspectives when simplifying

4b. Adhere to common understanding

  • Adhere to common understanding (communication, rules, document format etc.) when simplifying

5. Challenge, improve & empower for simplicity

  • Challenge, if the current situation/process/result is simple

  • Reevaluate simplicity regularly to improve it

  • Empower others so they can work simply (considering access, tools, information, rights & limitations)

6. Accept & request help

  • Accept & request help to make things easier

  • Go to the 'specialist' within the company/Let the respective specialist do the work

7. Simplify Step by Step

  • Simplify step by step, testing every step before moving on

1A. Invest extra time to simplify1B. Invest time in doing/ keeping things simple2. Bewusst reflektieren und handeln3. Advertise simplicity4A. Pursue simplicity of common understanding4B. Adhere to common understanding5. Challenge, improve & empower for simplicity6. Accept & request help7. Simplify step by step
1 Point
2 Points