Direct intra-nuclear CRISPR delivery with FluidFM®

Quantifiable & highly gentle

By delivering CRISPR complexes directly into the nucleus of a specific cell, FluidFM offers a unique in vitro solution to improve the efficiency and applicability of CRISPR across a variety of cell types.

Direct intra-nuclear injection of CRISPR complexes with FluidFM


No harsh transfection methods or complex vector designs are required when using direct intra-nuclear injection with FluidFM.


Optimize HDR efficiency and off-target effects by measuring the precise amount of RNP and repair template molecules that are delivered into the nucleus.


The injection procedure is very gentle and maintains high cell viability.

Injected neuron. Courtesy Sen Yan, Jinan University.

Neuron expressing GFP 24 h after injection of a plasmid encoding GFP using FluidFM. Courtesy of Sen Yan, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China.

Measurement of injected volumes

Measured volumes of fluorescent CRISPR-Cas9 complexes after injection into mouse primary hepatocytes.

Human dermal fibroblast expressing GFP, 24h after injection with FluidFM

Human Dermal Fibroblast injected with GFP mRNA. 70% of injected cells expressed GFP 24h after injection.