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Since 2009, Cytosurge AG develops, manufactures and distributes – based on its patented FluidFM® technology – state-of-the-art nanotechnology and life sciences solutions, such as the cutting-edge FluidFM BIO Series for single cell experiments in biological and pharmaceutical research and the FluidFM AFM Series unlocking unprecedented applications for selected Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs).

The selection of unique hollow FluidFM probes have apertures as small as 300 nm, enabling sub-picoliters of liquids to be delivered or withdrawn through the probe’s microchannel, giving rise to more than 12 distinctive applications such as single cell adhesion measurements, colloidal spectroscopy and nano-injection.




Dr. Pascal Behr


Pascal holds a doctoral degree from ETH Zurich. His passion for entrepreneurship and Startups has led him to the foundation of Cytosurge. He currently serves as CEO of the company and is responsible for all operational and strategic matters of the company.

When away from work, Pascal enjoys spending time at the Rhine river - in summer and in winter. He loves scuba diving and has a passion for the latest tech gadgets.



Stephan Jud


Stephan is a software architect with over 14 years of experience. As one of the company's first employees he has a profound understanding of the FluidFM technology. In his role as CTO he leads the research and development of our solutions and is responsible for the direction, design and development of Cytosurge's products.

When the sun is shining, Stephan enjoys playing soccer. However, he takes far more pleasure in watching soccer matches from inside a stadion or from the comfort of his living room couch.


Dr. Lorenz Malär


Lorenz holds a PhD in finance and is a Swiss Certified Public Accountant. With his broad finance experience gained in a comprehensive range of industries, he contributes with his considerable financial and business expertise to our management team. As the CFO of the company, he is responsible for all financial matters of Cytosurge.

As a former professional handball player, Lorenz retained his passion for sports - whenever time allows, he enjoys the mountains on the bike, on skis or just on foot.



Dr. Dario Ossola

product manager

Dario obtained his PhD at ETH Zurich developing one among the first FluidFM setups. After gaining experience as a team leader and project manager for a wearable computer company, he decided to come back to work with the FluidFM technology. Now he ensures that projects are efficiently executed towards customers’ needs and enjoys sharing his FluidFM experience with them.

For relaxation, he likes riding his motorcycle on the Swiss mountain roads when the weather's nice.


Dr. Tobias Beyer

CSO / Senior Cell Biologist

Tobias obtained his PhD in Cell Biology at ETH Zurich. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the LTRI in Toronto, he joined ETH Zurich as junior group leader (Groups of Prof. Wutz and Prof. Corn). Here, he combined his expertise in cell biology, cell signaling and embryonic stem cells with genome engineering using the CRISPR/Cas9 technology. At Cytosurge, Tobias uses his skills to identify and develop applications for the FluidFM BOT BIO Series.

In his spare time, Tobias enjoys spending time with his family outdoors, hiking and biking. Together with his friends, Tobias can be found stalking trout in small mountain streams.



Dr. Paul Monnier

field application scientist

Paul obtained his PhD degree in molecular biology at University Paris 6 Pierre et Marie Curie. With his strong international experience in research laboratories, he is an important asset for the development of the Life Science branch within our R&D department.

In his free time, Paul enjoys travelling, watching movies or savouring a fine meal with good wine.



Dr. Maria Milla


Maria obtained her PhD in Biochemistry at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). With her scientific background, covering a wide range of molecular biology and microscopy techniques, she has an excellent set of knowledge and skills enabling her to find optimal solutions for our customers in the field of Life Science and is a valuable contribution to our team.

In her free time, you can mostly find Maria together with her friends climbing, hiking or touring in the mountains. She also enjoys baking, concerts and travelling around the world.




Matyas Vegh

CHief commercial officer (CCO)

Matyas is a trained molecular biologist with a PhD degree from the University of Zurich. In addition, he obtained an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen. Before joining Cytosurge, he was in various commercial and managerial positions in the life science and venture capital industry.

When not at work you find Matyas cycling or running through the woods. 



Dr. Pablo Dörig

VP Research Solutions &
Sales Director

Pablo is a trained micro- and nanosystems engineer and won the ETH medal for his outstanding PhD thesis on FluidFM. He later also complemented his economic and management skills with an MBA. With 10 years of experience and a good connection to our customers and partners, he brings the research market's voice into Cytosurge. In his position, Pablo strives to bring FluidFM into scientific labs around the world.

To relax, he enjoys video games as well as long talks with his family and friends while sipping a glass of wine.


Wei Zhu

asia business MANAGER

Wei has in-depth working and living experience in China, Singapore and Germany. He is an expert in Global Distribution with a particular focus on the Asia market. Wei has an excellent track record of achieving rapid business growth. He currently runs his own consulting business helping European SMEs with their global expansion needs and he also serves Cytosurge as their new Asia Business Manager.

In his spare time, Wei likes to play tennis and walk his dog.

Claudia Frey

marketing manager

Claudia has a master’s degree in marketing. She enjoys taking care of the planning and execution of our marketing activities. With her customer orientation and her thirst for continuous progress she is a valuable contribution to our company.

In her free time, Claudia loves ballroom and latin dancing. She also goes running from time to time and likes to have dinner with friends.

Katarina Svitek


Katarina is our Digital Marketing Manager with extensive hands-on experience in lead generation as well as building and executing B2B digital communication campaigns. Thanks to her Master of Science in Finance, Katarina has valuable analytical skills ideal for her work as Digital Marketing Manager.

Whenever Katarina has some free time, she is in the mountains – hiking, swimming or skiing. She loves to take long walks with her dog and you can meet her every year in Rovinj, at her favorite Sea&Sun&Salsa festival.


Stephan Jud


Stephan is a software architect with over 14 years of experience. In his role as CTO he leads the research and development of our solutions and is responsible for the direction, design and development of Cytosurge's products. He also provides technical guidance for the development and improvement of internal tools and processes.

When the sun is shining, Stephan enjoys playing soccer. However, he takes far more pleasure in watching soccer matches from the tribunes or from the comfort of his living room couch.



Dr. Michael Gabi

Master inventor

Michael is co-founder of Cytosurge AG and co-inventor of FluidFM technology. He is responsible for the development of new hardware, electronics and the companies IP portfolio.

Aside from his important contributions at work he loves sunny weather and with that water sports and lonely sandy beaches. He also likes to go fishing and enjoys his catch of the day for dinner.


Samuel Riedmann

Software engineer

Samuel holds a master's degree in computer science acquired at ETH Zurich. With several years of experience in developing software for laboratory automation he's a valuable contribution to Cytosurge’s software engineering team.

In his free time Sam enjoys hiking as a contrast to office work.



Sandro Schneider

Head of Operations

Sandro is a trained automation engineer. At Cytosurge he is in charge of our supply chain. He manages every step from ordering to supervising our product operations of our instrumentation products.

To keep his work life balance in check he trains martial arts and cultivates his own garden plot.

Stephan Zimmermann

Procurement manager

Stephan is a Swiss certified purchaser with many years of experience in purchasing high-specification products. Stephan is responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships with our Key OEM partners and suppliers as well as for helping Cytosurge to attain world-class procurement standards.

In his leisure time, Stephan likes to be active with his family and friends or to play chess.

David Arcari

qc & PRODUCTION technician 

David is a trained precision poly-technician and gained practical experience in various industrial fields throughout Switzerland. At Cytosurge he is responsible for the assembly and quality control of our FluidFM probe products.

David is dedicated to music theories and spends his free time composing and producing music in various genres.

Alex Müller

qc & Production technician

Alex has completed a vocational apprenticeship as an automation engineer. He gained his work experience in the construction of test adapters and the testing of electronic assemblies. Within Cytosurge, Alex is responsible for production and quality testing.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys being creative. He likes to paint pictures and designs and creates wooden furniture.


Louis Senn

QC & Production technician

Louis, the youngest member in our team, finished his apprenticeship as an automation engineer. At Cytosurge, he is part of the operations team and works in both production and quality control. Besides, he is studying part-time mechanical engineering technician at TEKO Zürich.

As a real car enthusiast, Louis loves to drive sports cars but also enjoys tinkering with them. When Louis is cruising his car, he feels like in another world.

Anke Olschina

Production technician

Making full use of her naturel Zen spirit and thoroughness honed during her Bachelor in Japanese Studies, Anke has a key role in the precise assembly and packaging of our minute FluidFM hollow nanotechnology probes. 

In her spare time, she loves to do handicrafts as well as cooking and reading.


Melanie Weber


Melanie is a professional and passionate coach for emotional intelligence with a background in business administration and auditing. With enthusiasm, she manages all administrative tasks concerning HR. Additionally, she always looks for possibilities to raise the employees' satisfaction and to establish an environment where everyone can develop and strengthen their talents.

In her leisure time she satisfies her addiction to personal growth and relaxes her mind while dancing salsa.

Claudia Schumacher

financial accountant

Claudia processes all supplier and sales invoices and always keeps our bookkeeping perfectly up to date. With her exact way of working and her profound experience in financial accounting and optimizing financial processes, she is a valuable contribution to Cytosurge.

In her spare time, Claudia is a passionate gardener and deeply fascinated by the nature. Cooking and enjoying good food play an important role in her life.

Michelle Curti

salary administration 

As a trustee (B.+ G. Schneider Treuhand AG), Michelle is responsible for our accounting since the company was founded in 2009. Now, she fully focuses on the salary administration. Thanks to her in-depth experience, Michelle always has the right answer to our various and often complex questions related to salary administration.

To balance out her daily job with numbers, Michelle passionately plays curling. Another one of her hobbies: Michelle likes to cook for friends.


Dr. Pascal Behr  


Dr. Michael Gabi  


Thomas Bachmann