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FluidFM BOT BIO Series

Cutting-edge systems for single cell research – from single cell gene editing to drug research and toxicology.

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Single cell CRISPR delivery

Direct intra-nuclear CRISPR delivery. Place your complexes directly where they are required: in the nucleus. More>

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Single cell drug assays

Deliver compounds directly into the cell. A suitable delivery method for any compound. More>

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Cell isolation

Choose the cell you want – place it where you want. No unnecessary cell stress: directly from the culture plate. No extra labelling nor toxic compounds, high viability (> 95%). More>

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Full versatility for core labs

Unlock original research at the nano- and micro-scale. From gene engineering and cell isolation to single cell adhesion assays, through to micro-patterning of surfaces and the building of neuronal networks. Boost collaboration. For service-based core facilities. More>


FluidFM AFM Series

Powerful upgrade solutions for atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems. Take advantage of more than 8 distinctive applications, beyond imaging and force spectroscopy.

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Single cell force spectroscopy

FluidFM-based single cell force spectroscopy offers 10 times higher throughput and much easier manipulation of the cells of interest. More>

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Single microbe force spectroscopy

For algae, bacteria, fungi, protozoa.
FluidFM increases measurement throughput 10-fold. The versatile method allows to study 20-200 individual microbes a day. More>

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Exchangeable colloidal probe

Pick. Measure. Release. Repeat.
With FluidFM, colloidal probe measurements become orders of magnitude easier and faster. More>

Selected FluidFM publications

Single cell force spectroscopy - Publication 1

Optimizing drugs

Millions of people suffer from Leukemia around the world. While treatment drugs exist, cancer regularly develops a resistance against them. Researchers from both the University Hospital Würzburg and the University Würzburg found potentially a new approach to overcome resistance to the recently approved Midostaurin drug and even increase the drug's activity, with help of FluidFM cell measurements.

Read the full publication here >>

Single cell force spectroscopy - Publication 2

FluidFM: Combining AFM and Nanofluidics

We describe the FluidFM, an atomic force microscope (AFM) based on hollow cantilevers for local liquid dispensing and stimulation of single living cells under physiological conditions. The universality and versatility of the fluidFM will stimulate original experiments at the submicrometer scale not only in biology but also in physics, chemistry, and material science.

Read the full publication here >>

Single cell force spectroscopy - Publication 3

Calibrating high-throughput devices

Single cell force spectroscopy offers fundamental insights into many fields yet suffers from low throughput. MTA Budapest tremendously speeds up the acquisition of single cell adhesion data by using FluidFM adhesion measurements to calibrate an optical sensor array. Thus, they are able mechanically monitor more than 1000 adherent cells in parallel.

Read the full publication here >>

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