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Cytosurge is a synthetic biology enabler. We are dedicated to fulfilling the unmet need for implementing complex genetic designs into gene-edited mammalian cell lines. We thereby bridge the manufacturing gap between the advances made in data driven genetic design tools and tangible applications of genetically engineered cells. The company applies a patented single cell bottom-up gene editing process and groundbreaking dynamic gene expression analysis capabilities to construct, evaluate, and debug complex synthetic mammalian cell lines. We are thereby effectively addressing a major pain point of current genetic engineering workflows in mammalian cell lines. Our initial focus lies in enhancing therapy manufacturing for future cures, with the ultimate goal to empower genetic engineers to concentrate on designing next-generation gene edited mammalian cell lines, confident that their visionary concepts can be realized.

Our Vision

Cytosurge unlocks novel cures by translating next-generation genetic designs into living cells. Cytosurge is the partner of choice for precision gene engineering cell line manufacturing. Cytosurge thereby enables next generation biologic production and cell and gene therapy treatments so people can live longer and healthier lives.

Our Mission

Cytosurge implements advanced genetically engineered cell lines that bring next-generation therapies to fruition. Cytosurge bridges the gap between genetic design tools and manufacturing of high precision gene engineered cell lines. A unique single-cell workflow and our dynamic gene expression analytics enable us to manufacture advanced gene engineered cell lines to empower next-generation treatments to benefit human well-being.




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Our Values

Aim for top customer experience

Listening to our customers to understand their needs and problems is the source for our business drive. We aim to offer a great customer experience in all we do.

Innovate & evolve

We think outside the box and embrace innovation. We take responsibility in the things we do and are not afraid of doing mistakes. We evolve continuously.

Trust each other

We give each other the autonomy and freedom to be awesome at what we do. If a mistake happens, we don't blame, we help each other.

Execute fast

We are committed to fast execution. Having a ‘MVP’ mindset, we do less but faster and make it perfect in the long-term. Agile and lean.

Keep things simple

Adding complexity is easy, keeping things simple is difficult. We are dedicated to keep things simple to maintain agility and efficiency.

Think long-term

We keep track of our ultimate goals and assess if an action will support us in the long-term, balancing short- and long-term thinking.

Our History

2021 - 30+ employees

Cytosurge is growing! In 2021, more than 10 new team members were hired, and more to come in 2022.
Check more highlights from 2021 in our Blog 

Cytosurge at a glance - New team members

2021 - Rebranding & new website

Since June 2021, Cytosurge appears in a new branding with new fresh colors, a revamped website and product naming (FluidFM BOT became FluidFM OMNIUM).

Cytosurge at a glance - New website

2020 - One hundred FluidFM installations worldwide

The hundredth FluidFM system was installed in September 2020. Our customers can be found all around the globe.

Cytosurge at a glance - FluidFM installations

2020 - Bachmann T. appointed to board of directors

Thomas Bachman strengthens Cytosurge's board with his international management experience and extensive network in various life science markets.
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Cytosurge at a glance - Thomas Bachmann

2020 - Improved & enlarged production area

Establishment of a 100 m2 fully ESD-safe production area for increasing production needs. 

Cytosurge at a glance - Production area

2020 - Partnership with Harvard’s Wyss Institute

Collaboration to investigate CRISPR-based approaches to more effectively introduce multiple edits into the genome of single cells, while minimizing CRISPR-related toxicity. Read the Press Release

Cytosurge at a glance - Multiplexing genome editing Wyss Institute

2019 - Spin-off of 3D Printing Business Unit

The 3D Printing business unit has been spun off into an autonomous entity, Exaddon AG. The new company will focus entirely on providing solutions for processes and instruments in the field of additive micro manufacturing of micro metal parts.
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Cytosurge at a glance - Printed object by Exaddon

2019 - Partnership with Olympus Europe

The partnership with Olympus Europe was formed to accelerate common innovation of next-generation tools for single cell experiments and expand the distribution of the versatile FluidFM BOT single cell research tool.
Read the Press Release
In 2020, also a partnership with Olympus America was concluded. Read the Press Release

Cytosurge at a glance - Olympus & Cytosurge booth

2019 - First FluidFM Conference

More than 50 FluidFM users, researchers, and partners from around the globe gathered at ETH Hönggerberg in Zurich to showcase their results, gain insights, network and profit from common solutions and approaches.
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Cytosurge at a glance - FluidFM Conference 2019

2018 - Launch of three business units

Since major developments in FluidFM products and applications have been made and to recognize customer needs, three distinct business units were established: AFM Solutions, Cell + Bioscience, and 3D Printing.
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Cytosurge at a glance - Three business units

2018 - Launch of the FluidFM BOT platform

The FluidFM BOT was developed with the goal to have a highly automated solution for cell-based research that allows customers to miniaturize their established assays to the smallest possible element – the single cell itself. 

Cytosurge at a glance - FluidFM BOT

2018 - Partnership with Bruker

The partnership enabled FluidFM single cell experiments for the first time on the BioScope Resolve Bio AFM.
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Cytosurge at a glance - BioScope Resolve AFM Bruker

2017 - Partnership with JPK Instruments

The partnership makes FluidFM available on the JPK NanoWizard, CellHesion, and ForceRobot AFM platforms. Read the Press Release

Cytosurge at a glance - FluidFM Setup Nanowizard AFM JPK

2013 - First product for AFM launched with Nanosurf

The first commercial product was launched back in 2013 together with the renowned swiss AFM manufacturer Nanosurf enabling FluidFM on the FlexFPM system. In 2017, the partnership has been further strengthened into a Premium Partnership. Read the Press Release

Cytosurge at a glance - FluidFM Setup Nanosurf AFM

2012 - ZKB Pionierpreis TECHNOPARK

Winner of the ZKB Pionierpreis for the discovery and development of FluidFM technology.


2009 - Company founded

Motivated by positive feedback and inquiries from peers in the scientific community, the two founders, Pascal Behr and Michael Gabi, decided that it was the right time to establish their own company.

Cytosurge at a glance - Michael Gabi & Pascal Behr

2009 - First publication on FluidFM

A. Meister & M. Gabi, et al. FluidFM: Combining atomic force microscopy and nanofluidics in a universal liquid delivery system for single cell applications and beyond. (2009) Nano Letters, 9(6), 2501-2507. doi:10.1021/nl901384x

Cytosurge at a glance - FluidFM technology

2006 - The beginnings of FluidFM

Everything started with the idea of using force feedback to better control and guide the movements of a micro-/nanopipette.




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