FluidFM® OMNIUM Platform

Gentle and accurate single-cell injection and cytoplasmic biopsies.

A versatile platform for precision single-cell manipulation

The FluidFM OMNIUM platform is a semi-automated single-cell manipulation system developed for the non-destructive injection and extraction of individual cells. The FluidFM OMNIUM is compatible with single-cell RNA analysis and with various gene editing techniques.

  •  Nano-injection into the nucleus for single-cell transfection.
  • Nano-extraction of pL cellular content for downstream analysis from the very same cell.
  • Adhesion measurement in native environment.
  • Pick and place of individual cells for patterning.

Whether you want to inject into or extract from the nucleus or the cytoplasm of a single cell, the FluidFM Omnium ensures the cell viability.

A range of semi-automated workflows suited for your application needs. An intuitive software to save time on your experiment. With a user-friendly, point-and-click interface, obtain an easy cell selection - target the nucleus or cytoplasm. Locate precisely your cells with the recording of XY-coordinates of the edited cells.

Fully integrated and motorized system a temperature and CO2-controlled incubator. The platform is equipped with fluorescence microscopy – up to 8 filter sets and powered by an Olympus IX83 microscope. Compatible with standard cell culture containers from petri-dishes to 12 & 24 well plates. Optimized FluidFM probes filled with less than 1 µl solution and obtain zero dead volume – save previous material.

FluidFM OMNIUM by Cytosurge

Solutions adapted to your needs

Solutions - FluidFM OMNIUM by Cytosurge

CRISPR Gene Engineering

Find out more about the FluidFM workflow for precision CRISPR genome engineering.

Solutions - FluidFM OMNIUM by Cytosurge

Temporal Single Cell Profiling

Explore the potential use of the FluidFM for temporal transcriptomics.

Solutions - FluidFM OMNIUM by Cytosurge


Measure cell adhesion with the FluidFM technology in native environment.

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FluidFM: How it works


Force microscopy & microfluidics in a single probe.

The selection of our unique hollow FluidFM probes have apertures as small as 300 nm, enabling sub-picoliters of liquids to be delivered or withdrawn through the probe’s microchannel, giving rise to more than 12 distinctive FluidFM applications.

Versatility though the FluidFM Modes

  • Pick & Place - Grab and relocate single cells and other micro-sized objects.
  • Injection & Sampling - Inject into and extract from single cells. Volume quantification possible.
  • Dispensing & Nanoprinting - Dispense the tiniest amount of liquid. In air or in immersion. 

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