FluidFM® ADD‑ON: Upgrade Solution for AFMs.

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The FluidFM ADD-ON greatly boosts the performance and application range of atomic force microscopes (AFMs)

The FluidFM technology introduces microfluidic properties to the tip of an AFM cantilever. Take advantage of 10x faster single cell force spectroscopy, create patterns by nano-printing at sub-micrometer resolution, or measure single bacteria adhesion in its native environment - all possible now with your Bruker and Nanosurf AFM, and the FluidFM ADD-ON.


Single bacteria

Single cell adhesion

Bruker & JPK BioAFM logos

JPK AFM with a FluidFM ADD-ON

compatible with

Bruker BioScope Resolve, JPK NanoWizard V, CellHesion, ForceRobot

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Nanosurf logo

Nanosurf AFM with a FluidFM ADD-ON

compatible with

Nanosurf DriveAFM
FlexAFM and CoreAFM

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Are you looking for a standalone platform suited for Life Sciences application?

FluidFM® ADD‑ON System Parts

  • Custom FluidFM Probe holder assuring safe, tight, and reliable mounting of FluidFM Probes.
  • FluidFM microfluidics control system to aspirate or release liquids through the FluidFM Probe. 
  • Barcode reader to access all relevant probe characteristics, most importantly a unique SEM image of every probe.
FluidFM ADD-ON set-up
FluidFM probe with different adapters

Optimized FluidFM Probes

Our hollow FluidFM Probes exist in a variety of tip shapes, aperture sizes and mechanical specifications, specifically designed to enable a variety of applications from mechanobiology, single cell force spectroscopy to nanoprinting. The adapter of our FluidFM Probes is tailored to the geometrical and physical requirements of the specific AFM.
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