Powerful and affordable add-on for AFM systems.

Extend the application scope of your atomic force microscope with our FluidFM ADD-ON

The FluidFM ADD-ON greatly boosts the performance and application range of atomic force microscopes (AFMs) beyond imaging and force spectroscopy. Take advantage of 10x faster single cell force spectroscopy, create patterns by nanoprinting at sub-micrometer resolution, inject liquids into cells or extract material from them. All possible now with your Bruker, JPK and Nanosurf AFM thanks to our FluidFM ADD-ON.





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Solutions possible

Add the FluidFM modes to your AFM to explore new applications

Our hollow FluidFM Probes exist in a variety of tip shapes, aperture sizes and mechanical specifications, specifically designed to enable three basic modes. With those three modes and the combinations thereof, innovative new applications in neuroscience, virology, mechanobiology or cell line development become possible.

FluidFM Pick & place

Pick & Place

Grab and relocate single cells and other micro-sized objects.

FluidFM Injection & sampling

Injection & Sampling

Inject into and extract from single cells. With the possibility to quantify the injected or extracted volume.

FluidFM Localized dispensing

Dispensing & Nanoprinting

Dispense the tiniest amount of liquid. In air or in immersion. 

Empower your research with FluidFM

Optimized & easy to set up

FluidFM ADD-ON system parts

  • Custom FluidFM Probe holder assuring safe, tight, and reliable mounting of FluidFM Probes.

  • FluidFM microfluidics control system to aspirate or release liquids through the FluidFM Probe. 

  • Barcode reader to access all relevant probe characteristics, most importantly a unique SEM image of every probe.

  • A dedicated fluorescence camera with a digital cantilever filling assistant.

  • FluidFM CORA software, which gives convenient access and control to all components.

FluidFM ADD-ON set-up
FluidFM probe with different adapters

Optimized FluidFM Probes

Our hollow FluidFM Probes exist in a variety of tip shapes, aperture sizes and mechanical specifications, specifically designed to enable a variety of applications – from mechanobiology, and neuroscience to nanoprinting. The adapter of our FluidFM Probes is tailored to the geometrical and physical requirements of the specific AFM.
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Easy & fast installation

The installation is quick and easy: The FluidFM ADD-ON is set up in 20 minutes with the help of the video on the right.
Watch this video on YouTube to jump directly to specific chapters. 


Powerful & affordable add-on for your AFM

Supported AFMs

The FluidFM ADD-ON solutions have been developed in cooperation with our AFM partner companies. This allowed us to carefully consider the geometrical and physical needs of both the FluidFM parts as well as the specific AFM system.

Bruker & JPK BioAFM logos

JPK AFM with a FluidFM ADD-ON

BrukerBruker BioScope Resolve, JPK NanoWizard, CellHesion, ForceRobot

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Nanosurf logo

Nanosurf AFM with a FluidFM ADD-ON

Nanosurf FlexAFM and CoreAFM

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Interested in a stand-alone system?

Empower your research with the FluidFM ADD-ON for AFM.

From fast single cell force spectroscopy to nanoprinting and neuroscience.