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The FluidFM technology addresses the most common challenges encountered in the research by combining the use of the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) for biology and life science applications. Nowadays, this technology is suited for a broad range of biological applications from single-cell adhesion, neurosciences to virology. The FluidFM technology supported technological innovations in fields such as CRISPR cell line engineering by speeding-up the cell line development with a direct intra-nuclear CRISPR-delivery. 

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The applications highlighted on this page represent the current fields of research where the FluidFM technology has found a growing interest over the last decade. The versatility of this unique technology resides in the hollow FluidFM Probes. They exist in a variety of tip shapes, aperture sizes and mechanical specifications, specifically designed to enable three basic modes, perfect to tackle any biological application needs.

Single-cell Profiling

CRISPR Cell Line Engineering


Additional resources related to AFM and biological applications


Pattern, stimulate, inject into, and analyze single neurons with FluidFM.


Go beyond bulk experiments and study infections with single virion precision.


Print any pattern at sub-micrometer resolution. With any ink. In liquid & air.

The FluidFM technology: developed by researchers for researchers.

The FluidFM technology was created more than 10 years ago with the first publication appearing in the journal Nanoletters in 2009. Today, the technology represents more than 120 FluidFM installations spread across the globe and count some of the most prestigious corporations and academic institutions to our loyal and very active customer base. In addition, more than 100 high impact publications have been published over the last few years with FluidFM. The Cytosurge team has also designed tools to facilitate biological research with smoother and reliable processes. The CellEdit Quoter allows any researchers to employ Cytosurge's expertise in CRISPR Cell Line Engineering to fasten their research.