FluidFM® partners & distributors

 In all major markets throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 

FluidFM technology with 100+ installations is present in most of the well-known laboratories all around the world. To make this happen and to be able to provide the best services regardless of the location, we have partners in all major markets throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We are delighted to support you and help you make your vision come true. Reach out to us directly and we will refer you to the right contact.

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Bruker’s high-performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions enable scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular, and microscopic levels. JPK has joined Bruker in July 2018.

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Central Scientific Commerce, Inc., known as “CSC”, was founded in 1967 in Tokyo as a specialized sales organization to import scientific and analytical instruments as well as medical and pharmaceutical products. CSC is distributing our FluidFM OMNIUM in the Japanese market.

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Founded in 2008, Lab Automation Network is an alliance of carefully selected companies, who are true technology leaders in their business domain with the aim to create high-performance, integrated, high-quality laboratory automation solutions.

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MEMS delivers professional medical advice, services, and top notch medical products, including our FluidFM OMNIUM system, to suppliers and distributors in the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa (EMMEA).

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Nanosurf is a Swiss-based high-tech company providing scanning probe microscopes. Nanosurf AG is Nanosurf's headquarters in Switzerland and responsible for various countries.

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Quantum Design China logo

Quantum Design China (QDC) is a subsidiary of Quantum Design International (QDI), who develops and markets automated temperature and magnetic field-testing platforms for materials characterization. QDC is distributing the FluidFM OMNIUM system in North and East China.

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Image Solutions - Imso Logo

Image Solutions has been providing research-based imaging systems since 1993, we pride ourselves on building close working relationships with our customers, helping them reach their scientific goals. IMSOL is proud to work with Cytosurge in distributing Omnium within the UK & Ireland. 

Image Solutions - Imso Logo

Since 2010, Cenibra has been serving research and development organizations in the life sciences. Together with our suppliers and development partners, we stand for the looking at cells cell microscopy portfolio and the looking at layers product line for biophysical tools. Furthermore, Cenibra BDS offers special business development and project services. Besides technical synergies, all these imply dedicated high-level support for high quality results.

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