Go beyond in single cell manipulation

Gentle and accurate single-cell injection and cytoplasmic biopsies collection.


Explore the remarkable capability to manipulate individual cells with the help of the FluidFM technology, including the FluidFM OMNIUM instrument and the CellEDIT service. This cutting-edge technology enables precise injections and extractions across a broad range of cell types and applications while ensuring that cell viability is maintained.

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Temporal Single-Cell Profiling

Explore the potential use of the FluidFM for temporal transcriptomics.

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CRISPR Gene Engineering

Find out more about the FluidFM workflow for precision gene editing.

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Measure cell adhesion with the FluidFM technology in native environment.

Two ways to work with us

The FluidFM technology supports a variety of solutions to cover all dimensions of single-cell manipulation from single-cell handling to the precision genome engineering for custom cell line development.

CellEDIT Service

Cell Line Engineering Service

Monoclonal Cell Line

Hard-to-transfect mammalian cells

Complex Edits


Instrument & ADD-ON for single-cell manipulation.




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Interesting insights on the company, applications, or persons working with FluidFM technology.

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About Us

Cytosurge is a synthetic biology enabler. We are dedicated to fulfilling the unmet need for implementing complex genetic designs into gene-edited mammalian cell lines. We thereby bridge the manufacturing gap between the advances made in data driven genetic design tools and tangible applications of genetically engineered cells.

The company applies a patented single cell bottom-up gene editing process and groundbreaking dynamic gene expression analysis capabilities to construct, evaluate, and debug complex synthetic mammalian cell lines. We are thereby effectively addressing a major pain point of current genetic engineering workflows in mammalian cell lines.

Our initial focus lies in enhancing therapy manufacturing for future cures, with the ultimate goal to empower genetic engineers to concentrate on designing next-generation gene edited mammalian cell lines, confident that their visionary concepts can be realized.

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