We have joined forces with Harvard's Wyss Institute.

Collaboration to improve CRISPR-based multiplexed gene editing. 

FluidFM - Go beyond current technological boundaries.

Our patented hollow FluidFM probes with apertures down to 300 nm give rise to more than 12 distinctive FluidFM applications.

Solutions with single cell precision for cell editing, assays and cell isolation.
AFM solutions such as single cell and microbe force spectroscopy measurements enabling 10-fold speed and ease of use.

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CRISPR gene editing: Direct intra-nuclear CRISPR delivery with FluidFM


FluidFM: A new approach to CRISPR gene editing

At Cytosurge, we have developed FluidFM technology to improve CRISPR delivery by gently delivering all the required components directly to the nucleus of the cells. 

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FluidFM for AFM applications: Bring more "Bio" into BioAFMs



Bring more "Bio"
into BioAFMs

Would you like to unlock unique biological applications for your AFM? Are you interested in single-cell experiments? Then FluidFM might be the right technology to help you with your research. 

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Multiplexing genome editing. Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

Press Release

Collaboration with Harvard's Wyss Institute

Collaboration focuses on developing multiplexed gene editing approaches using single-cell nano-manipulation technology that maintains cell viability and fitness.

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FluidFM User Conference  June 25-26, 2020


FluidFM User Conference
New date & format!

September 16, 09:30 – 12:00 (GMT/UTC +2)
Due to the corona virus, this event will take place digitally this year. Join the digital conference to network, learn & GO BEYOND.

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FluidFM for AFM applications: Combining AFM and Nanofluidics


FluidFM: Combining AFM and Nanofluidics

The universality and versatility of the FluidFM will stimulate original experiments at the submicrometer scale not only in biology but also in physics, chemistry, and material science.

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